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You Can’t Spell “Recidivism” Without SAMCRO

Clay and the rest of the guys haven't thought this through to the "Who in Sam Hill is going to buy these luxury houses in a remote area in the midst of an economic downturn? Nobody!" conclusion. They're merely horrified by the fact that this project exists at all. Or perhaps they're horrified that known arsonist Opie hasn't taken any initiative with this development yet.

Anyway, we zip to the barbershop in town, and we meet the new sheriff right as Floyd the barber (hee!) is clipping him bald as an egg. The sheriff rolls out the door, and we see a lot of uniforms and SUVs just hanging around. Across the street, a lanky man we've never seen before strides toward his own motorcycle, absently patting the pockets of his jacket. The gentleman in question looks like the end result of a breeding experiment between Abraham Lincoln and Tom Petty. And for all that he's got a bike, he's not MC material.

SAMCRO comes rolling into town and all those law enforcement SUVs pull out and block the main street. Our new man quietly rolls away, unnoticed, as SAMCRO stops. Clay unsnaps his helmet and drawls, "If you're the welcoming committee, I was hoping for flowers, maybe a Bundt cake." The sheriff smiles and says easily, "I'm sorry -- no cake." Then he fills us all in: Charming is now under the jurisdiction of the San Joaquin sheriff's department and he, Lieutenant Roosevelt, is the new sheriff in town. Although Jax is giving him lip, Roosevelt calmly points out, "The conditions of your release state no gang colors or identifying clothing may be worn in public." And according to the federal government, SAMCRO qualifies as a gang, "so the next time I see any one of you who got out today wearing cuts, well ... they'll belong to me. We clear? Welcome home, gentlemen!" Roosevelt finishes with the kind of friendly smile that usually accompanies the sentiment "Have a nice day," as opposed to "I will watch you like a shark watches a sea lion."

By the way, Lieutenant Roosevelt is played by the marvelous Rockmond Dunbar, whom you avid F/X watchers will remember from the late, lamented Terriers as Detective Mark Gustafson (Hank's ex-partner) and whom I will always think of as Prison Break's C-Note. Who made me cry! Dunbar's very good at playing irritable, principled men, and I look forward to seeing how he's deployed on this show.

We go to the credits before we find out if there's a third strike against a happy homecoming. After the credits, we're at Teller-Morrow motors. There are kids playing on the playground, and Tara -- out of her doctor's coat -- is standing and swaying with Thomas. Piney approaches her, tickles Thomas on the chin, then tells Tara, "History's dead, sweetheart. It's got to stay that way." (And again, you social media types will recall the clip of Tara approaching Piney with questions about John Teller's death and Piney telling her in no uncertain terms, "I can't hear you, ha la la la la la la!") He walks off, and Tara anxiously watches him go. Gemma comes over and smooths Tara's hair as she asks, "Are you okay?" Tara turns to Gemma and smiles as she admits she's anxious. Gemma tells her, "I'm proud of you. Ain't easy making thing works when they're inside. You did great." Tara fervently says that she couldn't have done it without Gemma. Gemma modestly says, "I'm just me. It was the whole club." Tara smiles again at Gemma and says shyly, "Yeah, it's true." Gemma strokes her hair again. "I love you," Gemma says. "Me too," Tara replies, and they hug. I am practically giddy -- y'all know how much I love the complicated relationship between Gemma and Tara, and they've had 14 months without the menfolk around to bond as the mother and daughter each one never had.

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