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You Can’t Spell “Recidivism” Without SAMCRO

Anyway. Gemma's dancing with Unser and patting his back maternally, and Clay grins at her. We then go to Putlova, who's handing over a truly frightening firearm to Opie. The groom deadpans, "Best wedding gift ev-errrrr," and Tig snickers, "Wait 'til you see Juice's gift -- you're going to want to use that on yourself."

Clay comes over, ands Jax hands him the firearm with the comment "Hand cannon." Clay grins, "Oh, I'm going to want to play with this," and Putlova says expansively, "It's your party." The band's just struck up a very pretty song at the bride's request, and Lyla calls out for Opie to join her. The SAMCRO boys razz him for the unmanly act of being nice to his wife on their wedding day, and Opie heads off to dance with Lyla.

The song in question is a cover of "What a Wonderful World." As the lyrics wax rhapsodic about the simple phenomena of nature, the SAMCRO boys head into the woods with Putlova to go shoot up some of those wonders. Then we transition to the warehouse where Chibs, Juice, Bobby Elvis and Happy are. They're saying hello to Wursky and a few genuine Russians, then checking out some of the enormous guns the Russians have stored.

We transition to Big Otto, whose restraints were miraculously loosened, and he stumbles off his gurney and over to the Russian next to him. "This is for Jax Teller," he says as he plunges the scalpel in the Russian's ear. Meanwhile, the singer is carrying on about skies of blue and clouds of white.

"The colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky/ are also on the faces of people going by," the song continues, as Bobby Elvis's crew picks up the firearms and wipes out Warsky and his Russian comrades. (Ooh, Potter's going to regret not having a team out there.) Once they're done, the crew loads the guns. We then transition to the woods, where the SAMCRO boys are doing the same thing to the Russians. The sole exception: Jax, who shivs Putlova. "Just business," he says contemptuously.

We've faded out from SAMCRO Borrows the End of The Godfather for its Welcome Back sequence, and now we see Gemma bustling in to check on Abel. (Presumably, she's spelling the babysitter and sitting up with the kids until Jax and Tara get home.) While she's tidying up the coloring books spread over Abel's bed -- and again, parenting has warped my brain because my first thought was, "Abel's only two and he's already in a bed without rails? That's not pushed up against the wall? Wow." -- Gemma notices the other piece of paper Abel colored on, i.e. Maureen's cover note to Jax. We focus on her face as she realizes that Tara and/or Jax have read John Teller's letters.

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