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You Can’t Spell “Recidivism” Without SAMCRO

Back in the prison, Big Otto's in the infirmary, strapped down to a cot. The guards roll in a Russian con right next to Big Otto; the guy is ranting and raving, and clearly not in his right mind. He'll have meds soon. The guard then hands Big Otto a scalpel. I can't imagine the guard's telling Big Otto to finish what he started. Then again, given how much blood Big Otto lost, I can't imagine he's lucid, yet here he is, cracking wise with the screw in question.

Perhaps it's to take his mind off the social event of the season, which is setting up at the Wahewa reservation. The Mayans get to come, as does the Putlova crew. We cut to Chuckie, just happy to be included. Know who's missing in the crowd? Ima. Jax and Tara are standing up for the couple, and SAMCRO's main contact on the rez is going to be officiating (he is wearing a leather suit that has to be seen to be believed). And outside the reservation, the poor dumb officer who got pwned by SAMCRO is telling Roosevelt, "It's a Who's Who of bad guys -- Niners, Mayans, Russians ..." "Love is in the air," Roosevelt wryly replies. The catering rental truck Clay arranged for a few scenes back rolls by, presumably packed with wedding shit, and Roosevelt watches it go in. He tells his hapless second-in-command to make sure the party doesn't leave the reservation.

And now, a wedding, SAMCRO style. Lyla is wearing a mullet dress -- miniskirt in the front, ridiculous lacy train in the back (carried by Opie's daughter, which is a sweet gesture) -- and because the dress is so short, her garter's out in full view of everyone. Piney's gallantly walking her down the aisle. Somewhere, a lute is plucking out Wagner's wedding march, and now I'm trying to imagine the circumstances under which a lutist would be drawn to hang with a motorcycle club. Perhaps they're really the outlaws of the stringed instrument world and they get their kicks doing drive-by hassling of violinists? Or perhaps they're all, "Look, I'm a musician and I need the money. It. Is. A. Gig." Anyhoodle, as Lyla makes her way to the altar, Clay squeezes Gemma and gives her a kiss, and Chibs looks like he's about to mist up. Opie looks surprisingly grim for a groom. (Then again, over the course of this entire show, Opie's capacity for happiness seems to have been slowly ground away. He is now a volatile mix of repressed anger, misdirected aggression and resignation, coated in a wry humor shell.) Lyla's gotten herself a set of white satin stripper heels for the occasion, and I've got to give it to the girl: She commits to a look and makes it work. As Opie and Lyla take one another's hands, Jax winks at Tara, and she grins back at him. Then the officiant launches into the alleged Apache wedding blessing, which was, in fact, written by novelist Elliott Arnold in the 1950 novel Blood Brother and has no historic or cultural association with any Native American group whatsoever. But the head of the Wahewa is no fool and he knows this kind of faux-spiritual hoo-hah is what's expected. Jax cannot take his eyes off Tara during the ceremony, which very sweet. We go to the audience. Unser's wincing slightly, but Juice seems enthralled by the whole thing. Stop for a moment and let your imagination conjure up what the Bride of Juice is going to be like.

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