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You Can’t Spell “Recidivism” Without SAMCRO

We switch back to Jax and Tara, who are also engaging in post-coital chit-chat. Tara wants to talk about "some things," and Jax says through his hazy afterglow, "Yeah, we should talk about all the chick shit you decked my house in." Tara points out that Maxim posters and Harley mirrors aren't really her thing, and segues into her real point: "I want to talk about the boys. About what we're going to do." Displaying impeccable timing, Thomas begins crying, and Jax says, "Sounds like someone else wants a shot at those puppies." Tara takes the time to smack him, they both crack up, and Jax goes to get the baby.

Opie and Lyla's place, and thenzzzzzzzz... Sorry. As much as I like Opie as a character, this whole tortured relationship thing between the two of them just bores me. The only relevant thing in this scene is that Opie's raring to start having kids, and Lyla looks all shifty and regretful the very minute he says that because, as we all know, she's already aborted one pregnancy resulting from sex with the Opester.

Jax heads into Thomas's nursery with a bottle and I apologize in advance for how parenthood has bitten into my recapping chops because my first thoughts are: A bottle? So does this mean she's pumping exclusively? and Quilted crib bumpers? How has this doctor not heard of the American Academy of Pediatricians and their recommendations on crib bedding? So it takes me a bit to notice that Jax is pulling out the brown paper bag Gemma gave to him earlier. Then Jax brings Thomas in to Tara, and we see that Thomas has a ring clenched in one chubby fist. Jax hands over the baby, Tara fusses with laying him down, and Jax watches intently until ... "Oh my God!" Tara notices. As she feeds Thomas with one hand, she holds the ring in the other and says tentatively, "It's beautiful. Are you --?" Jax nods and whispers, "Yeah," and the look on his face is a mixture of elation and nervousness. It's wonderful acting from Charlie Hunnam, it really is. Jax elaborates, "We should get married ... I love you, Tara. I've loved you since I was sixteen. You stayed when anyone else would have bailed. You've given me a beautiful son, taken Abel on as your own."

Tara lets him put on the ring, then kind of falls apart: "I love you too, so much, and I want all of that ... [but] I know this is who you are, Jax, and I would never try to change that. The club, Charming ... I've learned so many things while you were away, and I look at Thomas and Abel, and I think, How does this work? How --?"

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