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Uneasy Rests the Greasy Head That Wears the Crown
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So, here is the first thing we learn in this episode of Sons of Anarchy: Gemma and Nero are morning people. But before they can finish making sure it really is a good morning, if you get what I mean, there’s a knock on the back door. Gemma peers out and snaps, "It’s not my gardener. It must be for you." Oh, Gemma: a lady in the drawing room, a whore in the bedroom and a bigot in the kitchen. Anyway, Arcadio (also sometimes called Primo) bursts in all panicky. Gemma, who has a lifetime of observing idiot goons bringing bad news to their alpha gangsters, immediately recognizes that this is an occasion that warrants a pot of coffee.

Then we cut to Bobby Elvis and the mountainous Jury riding on to Nevada. And you know what? I’m going to just sum up his plot line in one sentence: Bobby Elvis is recruiting disgruntled bikers because he wants to start a nomad chapter. We’ll see if this is the beginning of a coup in the club or what, but for now, it’s basically the hairy felons’ equivalent of getting coffee with your coworkers and bitching about upper management.

Okay, so let’s get back to the interesting stuff: Arcadio breaking the news to Gemma and Nero that his old lady’s kid Matthew was the one who shot up the Catholic school the day before. Gemma says, "Jesus Christ," but what really has her and Nero clutching at their sub-par tickers is the news that Matthew had borrowed his stepfather’s KG-9. But they recover and soon begin scheming over how to get Darveny out of the house and out of sight before the cops decide it’s time to stop treating a bereaved mom with kid gloves and start asking how Mommy’s little man happened to get his paws on a semiautomatic.

Meanwhile, Clay and Toric are moving their respective game pieces into position: Toric has handed Clay a plea agreement to sign, and Clay is stonewalling him: "You blame the club for the death of your sister. I get it. It’s personal. But, uh …what’s the endgame here? You’re gonna run down every reaper on a Harley?" Toric replies, "You know why I was such a good lawman? Because I never gave a shit about justice. It was always about retribution for me. Hurting people who hurt people, that’s always my endgame." Okay, we all get it: the Sons go up against an adversary who lives by the same credo they do, and both sides are two blinded by ego to realize that they’re warring against someone who’s just like them.

Anyway, Toric dangles a tempting deal: sign an agreement to cooperate, and he’ll provide Clay with a legal team to fight the murder rap and witness security for "anywhere in the world." This is not really anything Clay wants. He doesn’t want any where in the world. He wants to be king of Charming with Gemma as his queen and all the crazy ex-marshals in America can’t make that happen. So Clay settles for second prize: Messing with people’s heads. He tells Toric he wants to see Gemma and Jax. "Why?" Toric asks. "Because I want to hurt people too," Clay replies. "I ain’t signing shit until I see both of them."

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