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Jax comes home from another packed day (get out of prison; visit the hospital; deal with Precious; meet with Jimmy O; deal with a bail bounty; bury a man up to his neck and scare him half to death; hold off on making war with the Mayans) and finds Tara packing. She tells him Gemma called and pulled the "we need a doctor" card, so off she's going. Jax vetoes it: "You get caught with my mother, it's aiding and abetting a fugitive. A federal crime." Tara asks, "What do you want me to tell her?" "Tell her you're taking a leave of absence," Jax says sharply. Tara sighs that she was planning to tell Jax, and he asks when she was planning to tell him about the beating she put on Murray. Jax then gets a phone call -- we can't really tell what it's about from the replies -- then says he's got to head out. But the two of them aren't done talking, he says. As soon as he leaves, Tara rolls her eyes all, "Oh, so we talk on your schedule" and finishes packing. She's out the door.

In Belfast, Father Ashby's giving Cameron a blessing and a kiss on the cheek -- hey, a Biblical reference to betrayal! -- and as Cameron sits in a pew, he is promptly garroted by one of the Casey brothers. Kellan watches for a moment -- evidently not too bothered that someone's breaking the fifth commandment right in front of him -- then orders another Casey brother: "Wait until dark. Mark him. Then drop him in Short Strand. I want everyone to know Cammy Hayes came home."

"Everyone" does not include SAMCRO. They've got a photo of Cameron at an Amtrak station and proof that he bought a one-way ticket to Vancouver. Jax is overwhelmed with relief that Abel's alive, and Clay says, "We know he's up north." Well, technically speaking, this is true: Belfast has the latitude/longitude of 54° 35' 0" N / 5° 56' 0" W, while San Joaquin county's at 37° 56' 45" N / 121° 16' 52" W. However, Clay and company are sort of missing the details in the bigger picture. How long until they realize Jimmy O's lying to them? When they're tooling around Stanley Park and Tig's eying the totem poles uneasily?

As the strains of "Be Thou My Vision" play, we transition to Maureen feeding Abel again. The baby smiles and wriggles as the chorus sings, "Into thy hands/ give thee my soul to keep."

Watch a rundown of the Mayan beef below, discuss the episode in our forums, and check out our gallery of the show's most shocking moments!

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