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SAMCRO: Doing More Before Noon …
she just had coitus interruptus with a felon. Tig tells Gemma she'll have to pull out the slug, and asks if she's up to it. "I'll just have to use a little lube," she snarks back. Tig immediately apologizes. When she picks up Tig's jacket, his gun clatters out. This does not go unnoticed by Amelia, who is clearly wondering exactly what she crawled into bed with.

So. The boys in SAMCRO have taken time out of their busy day to a) dig a hole deep enough to bury Hector up to his neck; b) stick Hector in the hole; c) tamp down the dirt, and; d) attach chains both in front and behind him. As much as I enjoy baroque and time-intensive forms of torture, I have to ask: Is this really an efficient use of anyone's time? Anyhoodle, the point to this is that Jax and Opie will ride their bikes super-close to Hector's head and totally freak him out. Bobby Elvis asks Clay what the hell he's doing, and Clay reasons that this is sort of therapeutic for Jax. And yet it's Hector who finds talking to be incredibly therapeutic. He finally admits to a ring of bikers that the Mayans are setting up a bag-and-cut operation in Lodi, the better to move heroin to Stockton prison.

SAMCRO heads back to their bikes for an informal discussion. Clay says, "This had to be the deal Alvarez cut with Zobelle. Deal must still be on the table. Mayans supply the dope, Aryan Brotherhood gives them the prison run." Jax points out, "Processing H in Lodi means they're running it through Charming to get to Stockton." Opie would like to take Alvarez down. Opie, you can't even take down two goons in a porn shop without it being a head trip -- what the hell will you bring to a war with the Mayans? Clay sighs heavily and points out, "We can't afford another war. We just ended one that finished us. We got assault charges pending. Gemma gone, Abel ... we off this guy, it's an escalation." "Bloody '92 all over again. But if we spare this shithead, it gives us a little room to negotiate," Jax reasons. Chibs is confounded: "Negotiate what? Alvarez wants us dead." Clay pissily replies, "Well, then, we'll just have to change his mind." Nobody particularly likes this path, but they have to admit there are no better options.

Gemma wanders into the kitchen to find that Amelia's got Internet access -- and Gemma's outstanding ATF warrant up on her screen. Gemma slings the shotgun over her shoulder and asks, "Doin' a little research?" Amelia tries to play it cool with, "Whatever you did, it's none of my business. I'm just here to do my job." Gemma puts the shotgun down on the counter and makes a big show of washing her hands as she says, "I appreciate that." Amelia then tries to slink off, giving Gemma a BS line about heading to Rite-Aid for some gauze. Gemma's all, "You should stick around. Under the circumstances, I think it's best." Amelia makes a lunge for the shotgun, informing Gemma that the reward's been upped to $25,000. Gemma stares down the barrel and says, "Woooooow. How many bedpans you gotta empty for that kind of cash?" Answer: A lot. Amelia says, "I'm sorry. Now get out my way." Unfortunately for her, the shotgun's empty -- but the pistol Gemma had tucked in the back of her pants is loaded, and she uses it to nudge Amelia off-screen.

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