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Cut to Clay telling Jimmy O, "Wasn't my old lady killed Cameron's kid. It was ATF -- Stahl, she shot him in the back. Gemma was there to settle a score with Zobelle's daughter. The Fed [word for woman which reduces her to an orifice] didn't want to take the heat for the dirty kill, and put it on my wife." Jimmy O feigns not being convinced, and Jax adds, "Why would my mom kill Ed? It doesn't make any sense. That's the truth, Jimmy." Jimmy says, "Jesus Christ, this shit just gets deeper." Jax presses his point home: "Cameron directed his vengeance at the wrong target. Now he's got my son." The Sons reason that Cameron's back in Belfast, but Jimmy O smoothly lies that "my intel says he's here ... Cammy can't make a move in the six counties without me hearing about it. He hasn't jumped off this rock yet. Any news about the boy, I give you my word, you're the first to know." Going by the look on Chibs' face as the meeting breaks up, it's clear he thinks Jimmy's word is only good when Jimmy decides it is. My guess as to why Jimmy's lying? Not only does it buy him time until the council decides to kill Cameron, it also sows fear and mistrust between the Irish and SAMCRO -- and he can step in and consolidate power once Ireland's lost control of the relationship.

Outside, Jax asks if Bobby Elvis's ex-wife is still making sweet time with her bounty hunter beau. He thinks the guy might be useful in hunting down Cameron. Bobby Elvis explains, "I'm currently at an impasse with Precious ... six months alimony, two months child support." Jax gives him a look like, Really. REALLY? and Bobby Elvis says, "Of course. Let's go visit the crazy red-headed rattlesnake."

Well, Precious is really more of a blonde. She's fierce enough to cow Bobby Elvis with a few well-chosen words about how expensive their child Tiki's inhalers are. Bobby Elvis tries to claim he's dropped $1000 in the mail, but she's not having it, and socks him across the jaw as she asks him to leave. Bobby Elvis sort of falls backward into Juice (who is probably all, "THANK GOD nobody ever thinks to write me a love life on this show") and Jax steps forward with his "They took my kid" pitch, pleading for help from Precious's new old man.

Meanwhile, Clay is meeting with his puppet motorcycle club, the Grim Bastards, headed up by T.O. Cross (Michael Beach, whom I still call "Al Boulet" in my head). The point to the meetup: to get intel on Mayan activity and Calaveras, and find out what Alvarez is up to. Clay tasks T.O. for help with finding a Lodi club officer so SAMCRO can find out what Alvarez intends.

Back in Charming, Jacob Hale and his hair are sitting in David Hale's old office. Unser comes by and asks if Hale the Lesser wants any help packing up his brother's stuff. No, but Hale would like a Charming PD endorsement for his mayoral campaign. At stake: the very existence of the Charming PD. After all, the working arrangement between SAMCRO and Charming PD has just been shown to be not working very well at all, and wouldn't it be a shame if the Charming City Council decided to take up the San Joaquin sheriff's office on its offer to take over all police duties in the town? Unser absorbs this threat, and refuses to shake Jacob's hand on the way out of the office.

Juice is talking with Precious's old man -- we're still keeping up the fiction that he's a hacker, apparently, although it's a mystery why someone with his alleged skills hasn't figured out a way to start quietly moving real money into SAMCRO's coffers -- and the bounty hunter points out that it's all very sad that Jax's son is missing, but he's more concerned about Precious and her volcanic fury. Here's how he thinks he can make everyone happy: If SAMCRO helps him bring in the high-risk, ex-military bounty Artie Brand, and they do it for free, he'll take the money they would have made off the day work and "throw it to Precious and the kids," and he'll run intel on Cameron Hayes.

Gemma's walking down the hall, when she's surprised by Tig coming out of the bathroom, clad only in a short pink satin floral robe. Their conversation is too delicious not to transcribe:

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