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Back at the sheriff's office, a handcuffed Juice is learning to his horror that Potter et al have been on the RICO operation for nearly two years: "It started with the Russians and it's ending with the Sons of Anarchy. We're turning Otto Delaney." Cut to Juice looking as if someone's just told him Santa Claus isn't real. (Who knows? That may be next week's big revelation for the poor kid.) Potter gleefully expounds, "He'll give us past criminal activities. That, coupled with the MC's ongoing relationship with the cartel, will give us our historical pattern of organized crime." Juice stares up at Potter, wondering when exactly he wandered into The Sopranos and became Adriana La Cerva. Potter lays it out: "I want the Real IRA. I can collect you and the Mexicans without issue, but the clandestine Irish, even with the help of Scotland Yard and Interpol, will be impossible to hurt at home. They will slither back into their secret snakeholes, and the source of all my woes will still be at large." Juice listens to this, and then points out that there are no snakes in Ireland, ergo the Real IRA has no place to slither into. Kidding! He stonewalls, because that is apparently a skill that everyone in SAMCRO has. Potter calls bullshit on Juice's professed ignorance and tells him he'll find out when and where the cartel and the Irish Kings will be meeting. If he does, perhaps Potter will "extract the Sons from the RICO equation." Juice asks skeptically, "You're going to just let us walk?" Potter sits down next to him and very carefully says, "No. But I won't use federal law to shut down your entire organization ... some members of SAMCRO will have to pay for their involvement, but the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club will survive. Hmmm. Maybe saving the reaper will be just the karmic balm your psychic neck wound needs?" Juice mulls it over.

Night has fallen, and Gemma is sublimating her agitation through cleaning up after the kids on the SAMCRO playground. Clay comes over and asks lightly, "It's a little late for Legos, ain't it?" Gemma sighs and sits down in one of the swings. Clay sits next to her. For all that they're on a child's swing set, the two of them look like a king and a queen sitting on their thrones, and uneasy lies the head that wears the king's crown. Clay says, "Rough day." Gemma concurs. She lets a long silence stretch between them. Then she says, "I live with so many lies, Clay. So many things I can't ever speak of. I'm okay with that. I do it to protect what we have. But I can't lie to you. You're the only truth I have." Clay listens to all this and purrs, "I know, baby." This is all a prelude for Gemma's real bombshell: "I went to the cabin today. I know why you did it. I know you read JT's letters, burned the copies." In a way, this scene sort of hits the rewind button on the scene a few episodes back where the two of them merrily lied to one another about the letters. But in another, Gemma calling out the lies pushes them into a whole new area. Clay acknowledges this with "So ... what do we do with this truth?" Gemma says bleakly, "Nothing. It stays between us. Piney wanted a hard way out. Going down defending John was probably the noblest way for him. But it stops here. I talked to Tara. She's never going to tell Jax about those letters -- she knows it would push him deeper into the club. She's heading out of town tomorrow morning, going up to Oregon for some hospital thing. When she gets back, I'll get the letters. And I promise you, I won't let her hurt the club, or our family. But you have to promise me you won't hurt Tara." Clay mulls it over, realizes that technically, the hitman would be doing the hurting, then says, "Okay." Gemma demands that he look her in the eyes and promise, and Clay easily does so. He adds, "I love you, Gemma. Everything I do is for you." They hug on the playground, and Gemma looks sad. Whether it's because she knows Clay's lying even now or because she doesn't like thinking of things like "killing the man who patched me in" as something Clay's doing for her? Who knows.

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