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Zip! We're in Stockton pen and Potter is merrily lying to Big Otto, introducing himself as "Deputy Sheriff Marcel." After a preliminary quip about family photos, Otto shuts up and Potter lays out the truth: "Georgie was in Thailand when Luann was murdered. I also know Bobby led you to believe that the club had avenged Luann's death, but that's not true either." He shows the photos of Georgie outside his studio, and then says mildly, "I can make arrangements for you to reach out and confirm... Georgie's alive and well." (Although it is my sincere hope that Dondo kills him in a Grand Guignol-meets-dildos scene. Because imagining the headline "Dondo delivered death by dildo" makes me happy.) Otto muses that this makes no sense: "Why would they lie to me?" Potter says, "They didn't kill Georgie because he wasn't guilty. I still believe the statistic holds true. Bobby Elvis was sleeping with Luann. When he became concerned that you and the club would find out, he killed her." Then Potter makes the appeal to Otto's sense of justice: "You came to Stockton to do a six- year stretch. The moves you made in here for the club added another 30. You lost your freedom, your vision, your sanity, and now you're on death row. Seems to me there's a substantial inequity at play here." Big Otto sits for a minute, pondering this, then decides he's not going to address that issue with this guy: "Who are you? Sheriffs don't have the juice to bug the infirmary visitation rooms." Potter pauses for a moment, realizes Big Otto may be crazy and blind, but he's not stupid, and then finally speaks with honesty: "I'm just a guy trying to balance the scales."

Gemma's brooding in her office -- as one does when one is confronted with the truth that one's spouse offed a petulant old drunk for no good reason -- as Jax comes in to talk to her. He breaks the news that Tara's going to Oregon (which Gemma knew) and adds, "She's taking the boys with her." "Why?" Gemma demands. Jax says with exaggerated courtesy: "She's their mother. She's going to take Elyda to help her." "For how long?" Gemma asks. "Not sure," Jax says cheerfully. "What are you doing, Jackson?" Gemma asks, and that's how you know Jax is in trouble -- his mom's using his full name. Jax says glibly, "I'm getting my boys clear of headless bodies." Gemma instantly protests, "You can't do that," and it is to Jax's great credit that he treats that statement as reasonable instead of asking. "Are you listening to yourself? What in the hamfat do you mean I can't take my kids away from decapitated bodies? Were you planning on turning the corpse into a fun preschool lesson in body parts for Abel?" Before Gemma can continue to press the point that there is no better place for vulnerable children to be than in the middle of a cartel's war zone, Chibs comes in and asks if anyone's seen Juice hanging around. Jax mutters under his breath.

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