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Luis is not happy with how the meet-up went, so he's planning on lining up and executing Laroy's men per his earlier threat. Clay's all, "It's a sorrow and a pity, but whatevs!" and it takes Jax pulling Luis aside and pointing out to him that north of the border, outlaw gangs are not "kings," and thus have to work with other crews: "You start gunning people down, no one is going to trust us. You want to move your product, we need relationships." There's an interesting shot of Happy, Bobby Elvis and Opie all watching Jax with "a-HA!" faces. It must be so strange to watch a new generation of leadership step up. Jax pleads, "Laroy made a bad choice. A better message [than killing his crew] is that he changed his mind, decided to roll with Galindo. You kill this guy, you're killing everything." Luis reluctantly agrees.

Clay has been watching somewhat sullenly, and as the rest of SAMCRO starts pulling the Niners to their feet, he peels off to confab with Luis. The topic: killing Tara. Luis hands him a burner and says, "There's only one number on here, so use it when you have a time and a place. But he's an independent contractor, so once it's set in motion, it can't be stopped." Clay's okay with that, so long as the murder doesn't blow back on him or our club: "It has to look like something from the outside." Luis smirks, then says snidely, "Considering our current state of affairs, that doesn't seem to be a problem." I believe Luis has just joined the list of people who have reasons to want Clay dead.

Gemma slumps back into her office, only to have Tara get up in her face and say, "You took the letters from my office." You can tell Piney's death has gotten to Gemma because she actually tells the truth without any self-serving justification. Then, because she is Gemma, she goes on the offense: "You have no idea what you stirred up with those letters, letting Piney read them!" Tara rebuts that: "No, I didn't. I asked him about John, told him that I read some things -- did he say that he read them?" Gemma is rocked by the realization that Piney died on a bluff. But rather than fill Tara in on that and risk Tara realizing that Clay's the one making death threats, Gemma changes the subject: "You want out of here?" Tara replies, "Don't you? Look at the last three weeks, Gemma. We are all in danger. How could you want your grandchildren to be raised in this chaos?" Because the only honest answer to that question is, "I raised Jax in it and everything turned out -- oh," Gemma makes another inquiry, asking Tara why she has not yet let Jax read those letters. Tara quietly admits that if Jax were to read the letters, he'd likely kill Clay. More importantly, Tara says, "Finding out how John really felt at the end? It would break Jax's heart knowing he had been hating so deeply. The guilt would push him deeper into the club and I'd lose him." Gemma takes a moment to digest this, then asks how the letters would make Jax feel about his mama. Tara says, "He'd learn some hurtful truth: you being with Clay before John died." And really, this would be the first possible time Jax has entertained that thought? Really? Gemma says, "I made mistakes." Tara asks if Gemma knew that Clay tried to kill JT, and Gemma lies: "I know what everyone else knows. John went out the way they should all go out -- on two wheels, at high speed. I don't know if Clay killed JT. All I know is he brought me back to life." The two stare hard at each other. Then, Tara takes the opportunity to tell Gemma she's headed off to Oregon for a surgical conference. Oh, this information will doubtlessly work against Tara later. It's not really a season of Sons of Anarchy unless she ends up kidnapped as a result of her idiot decisions. (Seriously. At this point, Jax should just install a LoJack on her ankle so they can keep tabs on Tara, because someone is always spiriting her away.)

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