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Unser lays out this season's theme: "Clay cannot be saved." Gemma tremulously agrees that Clay's a wounded animal, but pleads that Clay needs the two of them. "What kind of wife would I be if I turned on him now?" Gemma asks. "One that wanted to survive," Unser replies. Gemma says, "I love him. We are all responsible for this. Our hands are just as bloody as Clay's." Unser sits there for a minute, wondering when he got co-opted into the Morrow marriage and why he's not getting any of the benefits, then asks Gemma if she lied to him too: "Did you know the real reason why Clay wanted JT dead? Him... ending guns?" Gemma skirts around the question, saying that she supported the idea that JT's death was the best thing that could have happened to the club and the town. (And to JT, given how a man who bailed on his wife during their child's illness has somehow attained some sort of hippie-saint status among some people). But she never really knew the details. Unser clearly thinks Gemma's still lying -- the best liars always lard their stories with just enough truth to make people doubt their suspicions -- and lets Gemma know with "I'm going to choose to believe that." Perhaps all too aware that she's running out of champions, Gemma plants one on Unser. He pulls away reluctantly, but with a little noise of self-loathing, and Gemma presses him into her latest scheme: "We have to find those letters, Wayne. I can prove to Clay that there's no threat. I know I can bring him close again; I know I can. Please, Wayne?" Unser untangles himself from Gemma's arms after a few heavy breaths and promises to help make Piney's cabin looks as though it was worked over by the cartel. (Speaking of the cabin: Piney has a truly impressive bar set-up. There are dives in military towns that aren't as well stocked as Piney's cabin.) Gemma moves to thank Unser, but he pushes her off and tells her to get out of here. Then he looks at Piney's body...

And we transition to Laroy wearing the same doomed expression. Cruz, the head of the local Lobo crew, has brought some drugs in a good-faith gesture. Then, next thing we know, the whole scene has degenerated into a production of West Side Story, only instead of the Sharks and the Jets prancing around snapping their fingers and breaking into high kicks, we have the Lobo Sonora and the Galindos shooting at everyone. The Lobos manage to get away by blowing a VW-sized hole in a nearby concrete wall, thereby unintentionally underscoring the Irish Kings' earlier point that indeed, Clay and company are dealing with people who like shooting headline-making weapons.

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