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Things get a little spitty and punchy, and the Sons step in to get everyone to back off. Jax grabs Laroy and whispers that they're dealing with people who see decapitation as a way of handling HR disputes and promises, "Be cool, and I will try to get you out of here alive." Laroy agrees. He and Luis have a glare-off, then he exposits, "Lobo approached us last month before you guys even got out. We didn't even know about Galindo... [Lobo offered] manpower, protection, a piece of anyone else we brought in to buy. They want to grow." Luis winces, possibly because Galindo's late to market in NorCal, possibly because he was expecting the region to be easy and suddenly it's not. Luis orders Laroy to call Lobo and "tell them you have a buyer with an urgent need." When Laroy understandably hesitates, Luis says, "I'm going to line up your men, I'm going to gun them down, and I'm going to drop their bodies on their mothers' doorsteps."

Cut to Jax hastily interposing himself and offering to talk to Laroy. The two excuse themselves and move away from everyone else. Laroy points out that turning away from Lobo could prove a highly fatal move. Clay nods to Luis and his pals and points out that hanging out with Lobo could prove to be equally fatal. Jax plays good cop in this scenario: "We cannot get in the middle of a cartel beef. We've got to roll with Galindo. We'll talk to Alvarez and find a way to cut in the Niners." Laroy agrees to this. He and Jax walk off. We get a look at Clay, who is half wondering what just happened and half threatened by Jax. (This just points to Clay's biggest weakness as a leader: He is so, so mired fixed on self preservation, he cannot even imagine how to appeal to anyone else on a level beyond "Would you like to stay alive?" So he'd never be able to make an argument like Jax just did.)

And now we get to the scene where Gemma discovers Piney's body. Mercifully, she does not engage in any of those clutch-the-body-to-her-breast theatrics. Instead, she shakily makes her way over to a table and leans on it while crying, "I told you! Goddamn it, I told you! You stupid old man!" But she soon recovers enough to cover the body and call Unser. And when he's there, Gemma's composed enough to reason, "It had to be Clay. He lied to me last night, told me he was at the clubhouse. [You and I] burned those letters. There was no proof. Why would he have to do this?" Unser sighs and admits that Clay read the letters, and the ones Gemma saw burning were copies. Ergo, Clay thinks Tara and Piney have the originals. Gemma is gobsmacked, but quickly realizes that this explains Unser's sudden interest in Tara. Unser explains, "Clay is like a wounded animal, Gemma. He's going to rip apart anything that comes too close. Including Tara. I can't protect your old man anymore. I'm calling this in to the sheriffs, having them pick up Clay." Gemma looks alarmed and says, "No." Unser lays out the stake: "The next corpse you're going to be standing over is the mother of your grandchild." (Which, if you know how Gemma tried to kill the mother of her first grandchild, is not the most compelling argument Unser could make.)

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