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We zip to St. Underfunded, If SAMCRO Is Any Indication of the Tax Base. Margaret swings by and Tara makes her day by telling her she's off to the neonatal conference in Providence hospital. Tara then asks Margaret for a favor: "I'm going to leave something with you. If anything happens to me -- just if it did, I want you to give it to Jax. If not Jax, Piney Winston." Margaret's spidey-sense is jangling, but Tara reassures her that it's nothing illegal. As a matter of fact, it's nothing at all -- Tara's just discovered the stack of blank paper Unser left in her envelope. After Margaret leaves, Tara looks at the stack of blank papers and whispers, "You duplicitous bitch."

The war room. We find out that the burners Roosevelt delivered were tapped but, Roosevelt reports, "He's calling our bluff. Told me to rat him out -- he's done." Potter dismisses this with, "He's testing us." Roosevelt says, slowly and angrily, "No. He's not. He tried to hang himself." Potter cocks his head to the side, but his expression remains politely detached. Roosevelt tries again: "He's unstable. He doesn't care if they kill him. He won't be much use for us." Potter switches gears, bidding his ATF pal Grad to play the recording of Bobby Elvis lying to Big Otto about how SAMCRO killed Georgie Caruso. The new plan is to turn Otto. As Potter puts it, "Otto Delaney has endured more pain and suffering for his organization than any other felon I've ever known. I think this betrayal pushes him over the line." But he'll still need more specifics from Juice to push any convictions. Roosevelt says flatly, "I doubt you'll get anything." "Perhaps. Let's just see where this magical day takes us," Potter says.

SAMCRO is meeting with Laroy in what Laroy dubs "the dead zone." It is not the inside of some coma patient's head but rather, a parking garage in an indeterminate location. So after the usual hugs hello, both sides dance around asking why each party came armed to the teeth. Jax opens the real discussion with, "I hear you're moving out of H. Got a new product." Laroy reveals his deep love of Disneyana with "Carousel of progress." Clay plows in: "Carousel of cocaine?" Laroy tells him to butt out: "You sell the guns, I'll sell the drugs." Jax gets between the two leaders and attempts to explain why this is suddenly a thing: "We made a deal with Galindo. You buying from Lobo puts us at odds. We can't have that." Laroy correctly points out that SAMCRO has no business telling the Niners how to make their money, and that's when Luis and his three dozen heavily armed friends arrive on the scene to debate the logical premises behind that point.

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