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Ain’t No Particular Thug They’re More Compatible With

Meanwhile, Tara's packing for Oregon. Jax comes over and jokes, "Got any more room in there?" Jax, clearly you have never traveled with babies and/or small children. There is a rule of the universe stating that for every pound your child weighs, you must haul five pounds of corresponding stuff. Then Jax adds, "I'm coming with you." He figures he's due a little "me time" from the club, and besides, "I'm out, babe. I just got a few things to tie up when I get back." Tara flies into Jax's arms. They're both giddy.

Back at the club, Clay opens the burner Luis gave him and presses the button. We hear the phone ringing and the screen goes dark.

Lisa Schmeiser is a reporter and editor in the Five-One-Oh, and as such, greatly enjoys the references to Oaktown geography. Follow her on Twitter.

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