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Ain’t No Particular Thug They’re More Compatible With
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We open on the Teller-Morrow garage. Chibs is waiting for Jax in the garage, Juice slightly behind him, and he requests of the club VP, "I need your advice, brother." He shows Jax Juice's neck, and Jax asks, "What about it? I thought you caught it on a security chain at Oswald's." Juice gives him a miserable look; if he opened his mouth, he'd probably start crying. Jax looks at Juice, looks to Chibs, then looks back at Juice as he realizes what actually happened. "Oh, shit, Juice!" he says in a mixture of anger and dismay. (It's nice, subtle work by Charlie Hunnam. The only way it would be better would be if Hunnam were doing it shirtless.) Juice spins a tale of vague trauma, and Chibs cuts through with an astringent, "I'm not sure how you handle this."

Jax and Chibs confer, and we find out that the club's policy on suicidal guys is to withdraw all support whatsoever by voting them out... as people who vow brotherhood to one another do. Chibs pleads to keep Juice around, explaining, "My first kill for the Irish -- young constable in Omagh. My age. Me and him could have been classmates. I put two bullets in the back of that boy's head. Never even seen it coming. Shit broke me, Jackie. Came close to swinging from the tree myself." Jax sighs, grumbles that there's a big difference between suicidal ideation and suicide attempts, but accedes to Chibs' request to keep an eye on Juice. Chibs emphasizes again that Clay needs to take Juice off the cartel business.

Speaking of Clay: He's meeting with Alvarez and Luis now. Alvarez exposits that there are now at least two dozen Lobos Sonora in the area, and they're making alliances with different underworld players to expand their cocaine network. Using basic logical deduction -- the Chinese heroin trade in NorCal has been growing, which means that the Niners got out of it -- Clay and Jax arrive at this week's dilemma: Laroy and the Niners, who are historically not a problem for SAMCRO, have now become a problem thanks to their rooting for the wrong side in this cartel spat. Jax says they'll meet with Laroy today and find out what's going on. Luis cordially invites him to bring along three dozen of his new Galindo friends.

After everyone disperses, Jax exposits: "If the Niners are buying from Lobo, this guy is going to slaughter them. That changes the whole dynamic in Oaktown. It wipes diplomacy off the table." Clay shrugs, "Maybe it's time to clean house. Relationships are overrated."

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