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Stahling for Time

Back at the clubhouse, Lyla and Opie are on a rooftop gazing at the TELLER-MORROW sign. She says it's nice up here, and they snuggle a little. Then he pulls out a ring and tells her it was his grandmother's. He says that he has to do a few things for the next few days and isn't sure how it's all going to land, because everything's changing. She asks what he's talking about, and he says they should get married. She fondles the ring as motorcycles take off in the background. Down on the ground, Kozik stands by as everyone leaves, except Tig, who's on the new swing set. He heads over to him, and Tig says he tried, but he just can't get past it. He tells Kozik to come back when he's inside and they'll vote him in, but Kozik's not going to slip in the back door like some kind of bitch. Tig tells him he needs him to finish things up here, and Kozik says he will; he's here 'til it's done. He gets up to leave, but turns back and tells Tig he loved her too. Tig pulls out his wallet and finds a photo that we first see the back of. It says "My girl Missy." He flips it over, and it's him lying on a couch with a German shepherd on top of him. He talks to the photo: "Hey baby. Hey baby." WTF? Are you shitting me? What could Kozik have done to that dog to cause such deep hatred that he can't get over? And will we ever know?

In a briefing room, Stahl's filling Internal Affairs in on her bullshit: Mexicans in a gray Honda jumped them; they weren't wearing colors; she couldn't see ink. He asks if that's all, and she says she has something else to disclose. She and Tyler were in a romantic relationship for only a brief time (not long enough to document it), so that makes what she's about to say even more difficult. Conveniently, just today, Tyler told her what happened the day Edmond Hayes was killed (which she says was "last month," so this show really is moving in slow motion this season). She says Tyler told her that she did, in fact, kill Edmond Hayes and then witness Gemma Teller kill Polly Zobelle in self-defense. Then she framed Gemma for the murder of Edmond Hayes. She says that Tyler framed her to protect Stahl, because she knew how important this case was to her career and she didn't want to disappoint her. This corroborates Gemma's entire statement, Stahl says, so she was wrongly charged. And she manages to hide her dead-face here and show just enough emotion to make this all seem real. Are we to presume that this statement means Jax gave up the IRA names in exchange for Gemma? So now he just needs to find Jimmy to clear up his guys?

Next week: In the season finale, it looks like a lot of stuff's going down: Jax stands up in what looks like a jail cell. Jax takes off his ring at a cemetery. Tara gets a package for Jackson from Maureen with a letter that says, "The truth about your father is in these letters. You should know John like I did." Tara tells Jackson she's right here. Gemma tells Clay (also in a jail cell, it seems) that these are reckless times, and he says he knows, but she doesn't think he does. Jax meets with Stahl, and walks away from her. Bobby shakes hands with an inmate. Jax says, "Let's finish this." The whole gang rides away on their bikes. Jimmy and the Russians get out of an SUV. Stahl gives Jax a pen to sign something. She tells someone (also Jax?), through jail bars, that it's too late. Gemma says that something will go wrong. Bobby pushes Jax and asks him if he ratted. Gemma cries as Clay tells Jax he's dead. Dead! Some guys cover a dead body with plastic. Tara wears black and looks sad. Gemma says that someone will get hurt. Jax puts his ring on the gravestone. And he asks Stahl if she's going to get him killed. She gives him a dead-faced smile.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, likes that the most evil villain on this show about gangsters and terrorism is the FBI agent. You can contact her at

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