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Stahling for Time
come on: Who wouldn't? Unser whines about what a mess this town's become lately, and he doesn't agree with Gemma that it'll settle like it always has. He thinks it's different this time, and it's all going away. That's just the reefer talking, man. Maybe next time try some uppers. Gemma comforts him while he cries a little, then she jumps to telling him that Jax is in trouble because he's cut some sort of deal with Stahl, and she doesn't know what it is. Unser says Stahl's working out of the station house while they're all looking for Tara, so he could feel her out. She gets stiff and cold and says he better not, since they should all really focus on finding Tara. He thanks her for the chat, passes her blunt back to her, and they say a warm goodbye. Weirdest friendship on this show.

Alvarez and his guys ride up to the garage, where Alvarez greets them with an "I know why you want to talk." Jax confirms it's that Salazar has his old lady. Alvarez is very sorry, but he says Salazar knows too much about him and his club, and he's got to die. Clay says that Salazar has a much bigger fish to fry: Hale. And letting him live and get arrested will allow the heroin trade to continue, which it won't be able to under Hale. As they're talking, Bobby pulls up in the chimo van with a middle-aged woman who can only speak Spanish. Clay asks Juice if he can speak Spanish, and is disgusted that he can't. Juice says he's a Puerto Rican from Queens, and speaks better Yiddish. So Alvarez and Ramona talk it out, Alvarez's gun to her head and her begging, "Por favor! Por favor!" Alvarez heads out, and Jax tells SAMCRO to stay with them. They ride out a dirt road where they're about to check out a house, but Alvarez finds the blanket covering the two bodies. They all think it's Tara, but Jax pulls back the blanket to reveal ... someone we've never seen before. Cut to Salazar, nervously opening the trunk of the Lexus he's driving to reveal ... Tara, who is very much alive.

Chuck's opening some packages when Gemma comes into the office to get a gun. She asks if it's office supplies, and he says no, but he really has to show this to her. She tells him it's not a good time, and asks him to open the back gate for her. She lies she wants to test-drive the Beamer, but he opens it anyway. How was her curiosity not piqued by those packages he just had to show her? Mine was.

Jimmy's trying to reach Donny as the Russians play a board game and tell him to stop worrying. But, oh, they're not letting him go even if Donny doesn't come back, because they can't risk him turning on them if he gets caught. Jimmy's insulted Viktor would think he's a rat, and Viktor says the only thing that can happen here is to get Jimmy safely to South America, and the only way to do that is for Donny to come through with the money.

Gemma's sitting outside the police station, waiting at Stahl's car when she comes out. She pulls a gun and makes her get in the car, then takes her gun away and drives off. As they're pulling away, Tyler comes out and sees them. It doesn't look like a struggle at all, but she rushes to her car to follow. Gemma asks Stahl what she's doing with Jax, and she replies, "What did he tell you?" Gemma says nothing, which means it's bad, but Stahl assures her Jax's priority is his family. Gemma says whatever he's doing is only going to hurt his family; he just doesn't know it. Then she tells Stahl to kill the deal, or she'll turn herself into the U.S. Attorney and tell him that her statement was all lies fed to her by Stahl. She's sure that agent they're blaming (Stahl's girlfriend, Tyler, remember?) will be more than happy to back her up. Stahl tells Gemma she has no idea what she's stepping on here. Gemma tells her to end the deal, or she'll end her career. She throws her gun in the street and kicks her out. Stahl picks it up with a devilish look after her. Tyler pulls up then and asks Stahl what the hell that was. Stahl won't say, and she also won't let Tyler call it in, even though Gemma's a fugitive. She just tells her to shut up and get in the car. My, what a charmer. I can see what Tyler sees in her.

Jax, looking pretty exhausted by this point (we are halfway through the episode), tells Bobby they just have to find Tara. Bobby thinks that it should be a piece of cake, compared with the journey they all just took to find his son. Unser fills Jax, Bobby, and Clay in on the dead dark-haired woman: She was probably killed just for her car, a gray Lexus. Cut to Salazar sitting in it, calling his aunt Ramona. My Spanish isn't great, but he tells her to tell his mom he loves her. Then he and Tara head into Jacob Hale's office. Tara tries to play it cool, telling the receptionist they need to see Jacob. But the moment Jacob comes out, Salazar pulls his gun and drags Tara into Jacob's office. He tells the receptionist (the actress was clearly hired for her freak-out abilities) to let Charming know "they got themselves a hostage situation." I'm so confused about what's been going on so far, what with the kidnapping of Tara in exchange for money and dead gang leaders.

The whole town (or at least those with a role on this show) is gathering outside Hale's building. Unser fills Clay and Jax in: The sheriff's taking over, and the negotiator is setting up a call with Salazar. Jax, already realizing what Salazar's going through, says that if Tara killed Louisa, negotiating isn't going to do shit. Unser tells him they know what they're doing, and Jax screams that Salazar's going to hurt her. Stahl is somehow the only person who can talk him down, so she tells him that if he were wanting to hurt Tara, he already would have, and they'll get her back. Clay and Jax walk away; always-calm Clay tells Jax to keep it together. Then the Mayans show up, and Clay wonders what to do about them, but figures getting them popcorn for the show would be best since they're as helpless as anyone with the cops and feds gathered around.

Inside, Salazar's filling Jacob and Tara in on his demands: police vehicle, something secure; food, water, and gas to get to Tecate; clear roads and safe passage over the border; and just one other thing... Outside, Unser says they got his demands: He wants a free ride to cartel country and will exchange Hale for that. He'll exchange Tara for Jax. Jax is so in, but Chibs and Clay point out that Salazar wants him dead. Jax isn't worried, since Salazar needs a hostage (as if Jax would be the type of hostage that would keep the cops from going in guns blazing). Stahl dead-faces that this is against protocol, but she'll call in some agents and let tactical handle it. Jax tells her that he's desperate and won't give them time to plan, so he's doing it. The cops map out the plan on a police car; there are only two exits, so they want to cover the front and back -- and they assume he'll try to get out the back. Stahl lies that she's called for more agents, so she and Tyler will take the back and the cops can run tactical from the front. The sheriff agrees, and they make the call to let Salazar know they're sending Jax in.

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