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We have reached the point in the TV season where the "Previously on" segment is longer than many actual sitcom's running times. Which, given the epic length of most Sons of Anarchy episodes is, should not surprise anyone. I do wonder why the show is launching ever-longer "previously" segments, because anyone who is nine episodes into the sixth season of this show is obviously someone who’s already committed.

Anyway, Jax is up for the day and splashes some water over his face and hair. It will surprise none of you to know that his hair is so shellacked that the water just beads and runs off. He spares a gaze in the mirror as if to confirm that his pecs can indeed be confused for beef Chiclets, then he runs off to tend to the crying Thomas.

We cut to Gemma attempting to pray by the side of her bed, but someone is clearly distracted or else we’d see the lightning bolt come down and incinerate her. Or perhaps she’s praying to a dark, evil force, which would explain why everything always works out for her in the Charming universe.

Jax is feeding Thomas in the kitchen and Tara comes over to take the baby, which seems like a jerk move, if you ask me. Then we cut to Gemma and Nero having coffee while she tells him what she’s been up to while he was in the pokey. Then back to Jax telling Tara all manner of club business while she asks, "Are you sure you want to tell me this." "Yeah, I do," says Jax, explaining for the same viewers that need the "Previously on" segment why Clay is still alive and not once uttering the words, "Also, Ron Perlman is a series regular and despite this show’s high body count, it is amazingly hard to die on Sons of Anarchy once you’re in the opening credits."

Tara gets up and says "I don’t think you should tell me anything else" and Jax calls out, "I know you think you’re doing what you’ve got to do. Putting distance between us. I get it. I spent all night trying to figure out how to help you with these charges, Tara." Tara rolls her eyes and acidly points out, "You can’t." Jax gets up and turns on the puppy dog eyes with, "But I can keep my promise as a husband." Oh, why start now? Jax continues, "To be honest. Which I haven’t. I’ve been trying to protect you from everything, which clearly hasn’t worked. At all." When he kisses her and says, "I love you," Tara replies only, "Me too." Jax notes, "You know, since you got out of Stockton, you haven’t been able to say, 'I love you.' I know that must be hard for you. I’m sorry. I’ll stop telling you. Just know it’s what I feel."

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