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Let's get one thing straight: the bass line on "To Sir, With Love," is one of the most marvelously competent foundations in a pop ditty. It adds a lovely note of fortitude to what is really an elegy, an understated way of saying "I will survive," whether what you're surviving is the regret that you have exposed yourself to alt-rock's premier mushmouth (Natalie Merchant, I'm looking at you and your cover of "To Sir, With Love") or a season of Sons of Anarchy where the battle for Jax Teller's soul has been settled and it's all over save for the losing party's surrender.

So it's fitting that this cover of "To Sir, With Love," has a light, rangy string arrangement that somehow manages to make the goodbyes feel unmoored and untrue -- the singer desperately wants the feelings to be genuine, but knows they're not.

And how fitting that this cover plays as Tara watches Jax sleep, then her face morphs into Gemma watching Nero as he sleeps. She gets up and Nero shifts in his sleep, his tattooed arm transitioning into Clay's black blotch as the old man drinks his coffee alone, a gun by his wedding band-wearing left hand. Close up on his face ... then onto Jax, who is just waking up. Tara's left a note on his pillow -- "Took the boys. Love, T." She has the neatest handwriting of any doctor in the history of ever. That, or she suspects Jax's reading level stalled out sometime during seventh grade language arts. Jax sits up in bed ... and we go to Nero, who is also a tad logy, and noting that Gemma (who has the same handwriting as Tara, because, PARALLELS) has left a note on the lovebirds saying, "You should name them Carl and Carla, <3 Gemma." Then we go to Tara, who is surprisingly meditative as she sees the results of her hand's healing, then to Jax, who is apparently taking the scenic route to Oakland by way of downtown Los Angeles.

Jax pulls up outside a Pope Partners construction project, shakes hands with Pope and August, and says, "It dawned on me: Once I hand over Tig, it might be the end of these little chats. I'm going to miss that. Now that I handed over the coke to the Mayans, the only thing I got left that you want is Traeger." Pope asks, "You don't think I'm going to come through on Charming Heights? No faith, son." August laughs appreciatively. As Jax says, "I'm just following your business model: trust no-one," Auggie's smile disappears. Pope asks Jax what he wants, and Jax answers: a Pope Partners letter of intent locking down his interest in Charming Heights and the conditions Jax stipulated. Pope tells Jax to relax because the deal is moving forward and the paperwork's already started. Jax figures one more piece of paper won't matter: "You're committing to Charming Heights. I'm committing to handing a brother over to murder. That sounds fair to me." Pope eye-rolls a bit but August volunteers to get on the paperwork for the big whiny biker baby. Then Jax makes arrangements to drop Tig off at a Pope-owned storage garage in Middle River, nearby Charming, so that Pope can get his murder on.

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