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In Which Six Seasons’ Worth of Tara’s Bad Decisions All Pile Up in 8 Hours
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Before we start this recap, I want to let you all know up front: I hated this episode.

I mean, really hated it. I can see where it’s a solid contribution for the season and contains turning points for characters and relationships blah-de-blah, but for me, this was the episode where I just reached the end of my tether with one of the principle constraints of the Sons of Anarchy universe. I am really over the "It’s Gemma’s World, We’re All Living In It" conceit, and I don’t trust the writers’ room to ever address this, because in six seasons of monstrous behavior, attempted murder, blatant emotional blackmail, bullying and lying, NOT ONCE has anyone in Gemma’s life ever held her accountable for her actions, and this episode certainly doesn’t suggest that anyone will start now.

So if this recap feels a little perfunctory, know it’s because I really hated this episode. I still gave it a decent grade, because it’s well acted and you can see the pieces moving into place for the final four-and-a-half- or five-hour run we have left. But I protest a fictional world that seems to be sending the moral message of "There are consequences for everyone," and then exempts the most destructive force on the show from that guiding principle.

So, let’s begin …

Tara wakes up alone in her bed, the gun nowhere in sight. She hears rustling and goes into full awake/alert/panic mode, the runs into Thomas’s room only to see an empty crib. (Which raises a question: If she’s that worried about someone absconding with the baby, why not sleep on that futon?).

In full frantic mode, Tara bolts into Abel’s room calling his name, only to run into Jax, holding Thomas. "You should let him sleep," Jax says of the older boy, and then walks to the kitchen with his baby. He hands Thomas over to Tara, who clutches the baby with relief. As Jax picks up his packed bag, he tells Tara, "There will be someone watching you. Don’t try to take them anywhere." Then he heads out, telling Tara that he doesn’t know what he’s going to do, but if he doesn’t get some distance on the situation, "someone’s going to get hurt."

We go into an opening musical montage. There's bikers adoring Gemma as they try to put the garage to rights; Unser walking out of his trailer to look at the clubhouse; Rat putting up a banner saying "Our prices are da bomb" (heh); Nero and Colette reviewing the paperwork for the nice-and-legal Diosa Del Sur, Jax taking a long ride on a country road; Tara walking her boys to the daycare and one of the new guys (West, I think?) ducking out of an alcove to watch her; Clay not having a very good time of it; and Wendy zoned out on smack. Wait, no, that’s Wendy throwing up from heroin sickness. My bad!

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