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Liar, Liar, Club On Fire
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The episode begins with Gemma doing old lady outreach for the club: She's visiting Otto in prison and offering sympathy in her own inimitable fashion: "Jesus, Otto. What the hell happened? I'm sorry, sweetheart. What do you need from me?" Otto needs closure for Luann. He explains, "Sheriff paid me a visit. His office took over the homicide. Found semen on Luann. Bobby's." Gemma's shocked by this -- whether by the fact that Bobby violated a club precept or by the fact that Luann was willing to have relations with him. She tries to discredit Roosevelt -- setting up a Potter-sponsored communications misunderstanding I fear will blow back on the good sheriff in a future episode -- but Otto cuts her off by saying he's seen the relevant report and it's legit. He concludes, "Last guy tapping a bitch is usually the one who killed her." Gemma can't believe it, so Otto challenges her: "I want you to ask Clay a question: 'What would it feel like to lose the one he loved the most?' You tell the club, you tell the guy who was bedding my wife, they need to find the scumbag who killed her."

Ominously (or not?), we cut to Bobby Elvis. He's with the rest of SAMCRO. They're meeting with the Mayans but, alas alas, the bagging operation won't be up for another day, so SAMCRO will have to babysit all 30 bricks of fine uncut Colombian marching powder for a day. Jax does not look thrilled by this news, and even less thrilled that a Mayan will be sticking around to keep an eye on things for Alvarez. Jax pulls Miles aside and orders him, "Lock those crates in the gun room. No-one gets in. Put Phil and Rat-boy on the front and back." Clay orders everyone home for some shut-eye, with plans to meet up at the club house by noon. I hope for the guys' sake it's noon the next day. but knowing this show's timeline, probably not. Outlaw bikers: Getting more done before noon than most law-abiding people do all day.

Juice doesn't even get the consolation of a nap, as he has to meet up with Roosevelt. Juice attempts to be hard and loyal, but Roosevelt correctly calls out Juice's worst fear (being drummed out of the club) and says he'll sit on the information about Juice's dad so long as Juice feeds him information about the Galindo cartel involvement.

Meanwhile, Jax heads home. It is worth noting that Tara's effected one heck of a redecorating job in the past 14 months. Either she went insane with nesting or Gemma had a lot of spare energy to burn. Whichever, the effect is nice: the walls are blue, the furniture no longer has that "You can't see the beer stains if I throw this naked-woman-straddling-a-Harley plush afghan over it" look because it's been replaced, and Tara's got lots of canvases with landscapes on the wall. Jax kisses his boys and his fiancée hello, then brings Tara her souvenirs. Souvenir one: a brick of cash that is literally the size of a standard masonry brick. Souvenir two: its twin.

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