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Things to Do in Dublin When You're Dead

Ashby and the IRA come to Jax and Clay with their plan: they've agreed to give Jimmy safe passage to an airfield in exchange for Abel. Clay asks how Jimmy's supposed to know they won't kill him once the baby's been turned over. "There are assurances in place," Ashby says. But the Sons have to agree to the IRA's deal now. Part 1: Kill Jimmy when he ultimately returns to Northern California to complete his business with the Russians. Part 2: The IRA will help SAMCRO "significantly" expand their gun business; full access to their entire arsenal (including RPGs -- God help us all the next time Gemma wants to threaten a nun) AND Jimmy's American contacts. "Means pulling up more charters, creating more alliances, organizing. You think the Reaper is up to that challenge?" Clay says they are. Jax sits by silently as the Club doubles down on the Clay way of doing business.

Maureen is at home, reading one of the many letters John Teller sent her. In this one, he talks about how everything in Charming -- his family, the Club -- seems strange and unfamiliar to him now that he's back from Ireland. "My grief and introspection terrifies them. It drives Gemma mad." Sounds familiar, to be sure. "And Clay's pity has moved into profound loathing. I see my best friend and my wife growing closer and closer." But, John writes, he didn't feel jealous. He felt nothing at all. "Not even fear. And I know I should be afraid." Maureen closes the letter and lies back, anguished. What is with these Ashbys and their intense internalization of Teller family matters?

Jimmy O and Donny pull into the alley to meet with Jax and Ashby. Jax takes his baby back, and Jimmy, being Jimmy, tells him that he wanted Ashby to return the kid as soon as Cameron showed up with him. "He's the one that kept him from his Da. Forced the situation." Ashby doesn't even bother to defend himself this time. I think the sad, sorry results of this grand plan to take out Jimmy (the dead bodies of both Casey brothers, of McGee and Liam, of Chibbs's cousin, or Katie and Mark Petrie) have beaten him down. Jimmy then tells Ashby it's time to go, and Ashby heads to Jimmy's car. Jax is confused. Jimmy says he knows the only way he gets out of this country alive is with a hostage. Looks like Ashby is it. "He's going to kill you," Jax tells Ashby. And instead of telling Jax "Duh-cakes," or something like it, he simply touches Abel's head and wishes him well. After Jimmy drives off, Jax holds Abel close and promises him he'll never let anyone take him again. I guess to reassure us that he's not going to drop him off at the first Child Protective Services he can find in California. Change of heart caused almost entirely by outside influences like Jimmy O and thus negating the genuinely powerful moment when he decided to give Abel up: complete.

At the Charming PD, Tig and Kozik show up, and Wayne and Stahl inform them that Margaret has returned. They tell the tale of Tara taking a slice at Salazar's girl and how she stayed behind in exchange for Margaret's freedom. Nobody thinks this looks altogether sunny for Tara. Stahl even feels bad enough that she apologizes -- sincerely, even! -- to Tig.

Belfast. The Sons toast the return of their little boy, and it's a pretty festive atmosphere. But it's also time to pack up to head back. On their way out to the truck, Opie and Bobby give a nod towards Trinny and ask Jax if he hit that. He says no, but he declines to reveal why, just saying it didn't feel right. "That'd feel right to me," Bobby leers, and Jax has to push both of these creepers out the door. Trinny then comes up to Jax, and he asks her how she's doing, and it's all still very awkward to watch. He then asks how her mom's doing, which gives us a chance to peek in at Maureen, who is currently sneaking a stack of John Teller's letters -- including the one she was reading earlier -- into Jax's things. As bombs go, it's a pretty effective one.

Meanwhile, Salazar had driven Tara and the recently deceased Luisa out onto a deserted road. He's rapidly unraveling, and Tara telling him Luisa is gone doesn't help matters. There's a moment of silence between them, where Tara is clearly contemplating her next move, but her options are seriously limited, and before she can think of anything, Salazar screams out in rage and slams her down on the hood of his car. He puts his gun to her head, and that's where we leave things off for the week. Best of luck, Tara!

The Sons load up their truck and prepare to shove off. Bobby fields a phone call and hangs back to receive whatever news it is. Meanwhile, Maureen offers Gemma a handshake and gets a hug in return, which is awkward, social graces-wise, for a number of reasons, not least of which because Maureen just slipped letters that may or may not prove that Gemma had something to do with John's death into Jax's things. But the moment is still nice, to see these two old ladies reach across the divide to each other. Gemma thanks her. Mo gets another hug from Jax, which is nice work if you can get it. Jax also gives Trinny a hug goodbye, but that's interrupted by Bobby with the phone. It's not Oswald's guy at the airport. He says Jax should really take this call. ...And here we go again.

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