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Things to Do in Dublin When You're Dead
re. Gemma's all over Ashby for twisting Jax up.

Clay and the gang roll up and deliver the news that Casey is dead and that Jimmy tortured him for information. Ashby says the info wasn't about finding Fiona, but rather about finding Abel. Ashby turns to Jax and says Jimmy intends to use Abel as leverage to get out of the country. I suppose Ashby would be the expert on using Abel for leverage. Jax immediately connects the dots, tells everybody they've got to get to the hotel immediately.

When the Sons get there, they find what they had to know they'd find: the Petries dead in their hotel room. Abel nowhere to be found. "I did this," Jax says. He tells everyone to go. Opie sticks behind with him, as Jax picks up Katie Petrie from the floor and lays her on the bed next to her husband. He places her hand in his. Here lies Jax's ideal of a family for his son.

SAMBEL HQ. Ashby tells the club that Jimmy has contacted the IRA about an exchange: Abel for safe passage to the States. Ashby says he's advised them to take the deal, but the council has to vote on it. Clay stares down at the table and says that none of this would've happened if Ashby hadn't decided to play God in their lives. "I'm trying to help this family," Ashby protests, which is exactly the wrong thing to say, as Clay nearly jumps across the table at him. The guys hold him back, and Jax puts the blame on himself. "I'm done listening to dead men," he says, sneering in Ashby's direction. "But don't pretend you were trying to help us." He says they were just a means to Ashby's end. "You don't give a shit about this family. And the John Teller you knew? He didn't give a shit either." So it looks like Jax has traded one brand of daddy issues in for another.

Charming. Salazar's girl -- Luisa, for the record -- lets Tara into the bathroom (with instructions to "shit quick" -- quite a girl Salazar's got there). Tara thinks quickly, scouring the room for anything useful. She finally spies the mirror, which has a big ol' crack in it. She grabs a towel, then presses it against the mirror, further splintering the cracks. Resourceful lady.

Out at the park, Agent Stahl and the ATF observe from a van that could not be more conspicuously "federal agents are spying from here." Tig rolls up and scours the area -- oh look! It's Agent Tyler and some other guy with a Member's Only jacket and sunglasses, also looking totally obvious. Tig takes off his backpack full of money and is really un-smooth about dropping it into a trash can and walking away. So obvious that a pair of no-good kids on bicycles spot him. And either they've seen a lot of movies or else this park sees a lot of ransom drops -- either way, they make a beeline for the trash can and grab the bag. Tig sees them from across the grass and is all, "HEY!" He gives chase on foot. Agent Tyler and her gentleman friend don't know if they're grabbing the money for Salazar or not -- Tig chasing after them would indicate "not." So now it's three people chasing the kids, with Agent Tyler yelling, "Federal agent!" for all to hear. Salazar's in the parking lot and sees this -- and probably hears it -- and gets right back in his car and peels away. Stahl is watching this all go down from her van and is all hilariously, "WHAT THE FUCK?" She throws out an intercept order for Salazar, then tells everyone else to grab those kids. Say this for Agent Stahl: she fucks up all the time, but never this comically.

Salazar immediately calls Luisa and tells her there were cops waiting for him. "Little bitches!" Luisa says, and kicks in the bathroom door. Tara's waiting in the shower, though, and slices Luisa in the neck. She drops her in the tub and picks up her gun.

Back to Stahl, she informs the B-team that they found the kids and got the money back, but they lost Salazar. Tig tells her this means Tara's a dead woman. Stahl, being Stahl, puts all the blame on Tig, saying if he hadn't gone off, they could've tracked down the kids and re-dropped the money, all without Salazar finding out. "This shitpile's on you," she says, and Piney and Kozik have to hold Tig back.

Tara and Margaret are hightailing it down the stairs, but they run into Salazar. He and Tara both draw their guns, and he starts calling for Luisa. Cut to the upstairs bathroom, and Salazar is obviously stricken by the state of his lady. Tara tells him he needs her to keep Luisa alive. She negotiates Margaret's release; Salazar tells Tara they first need to get Luisa to the car. He turns to the shower and crouches down to gather up his girl. Which leaves Tara an open and obvious and highly justifiable shot at the back of Salazar's head, but she doesn't take it. Even though she's already (pretty much) killed one person today. Awfully convenient, show. Anyway, Margaret protests leaving Tara alone, but Tara hands her the gun and says to shoot Salazar if he reneges. OR HOW ABOUT RIGHT NOW?

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