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Take Away This Ball and Chain

Once Jax is gone, Gemma says to Tara, "You've got to put distance between us, own your place. I get it. But there is no one else who understands what you are going through right now better than I do. You remember that." Tara has finished putting an orchid in her updo and she turns to Gemma with an almost soft expression. I've said it before and I'll say it again: The relationship between Gemma and Tara is endlessly fascinating, because you're looking at two women -- both of whom have deep-seated issues over being unmothered, both of whom are mothers now, both of whom let their anger get in the way of happiness -- who really do love one another and fear the damage each could do to the other. It is heartbreaking. Gemma asks, "I would like to stay and watch you marry my only son. You okay with that?" "Yes," Tara whispers through her tears.

Cooper the judge sprints through the marriage ceremony -- Jackson Nathaniel Teller and Tara Grace Knowles are about to be wed and when Cooper asks if there are rings, Jax says no right as Tara grins, "Yes." He's surprised but complaisant, and Tara slides off the "SO" and "NS" rings that were such a big deal two seasons ago to slide on John Teller's wedding ring. Cooper is not exactly swept up in the emotion of the ritual and rattles off, "Anybody want to say anything?" "Aye," says Chibs, and walks over. He shoves the judge out of the way and says, "May the Lord hold you in His hand and may He never close His fist too tight. Bennachd dia dhuit. I love you both." Cooper comes back in, yawns, "Lovely, by the power vested in me by the state of California, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Uh, the witnesses need to sign the license, and good luck." Jax and Tara kiss deeply and Gemma slips out amid the Sons' general shouts of excitement. Nero notices her going and asks, "You okay, Mama?" and Gemma replies tiredly, "I'm trying."

Naturally, this is when Romeo decides to ring in. There's a quick confab and Romeo's all, "Sorry, no can do a thing about those charges." Jax asks how useful he'll be when dead and nobody's got a good answer to that. After he leaves, Romeo and Luis begin talking about how it's time to maybe come up with a Plan B, since Plan A is currently "Let's hope the biker with divided loyalties and an erratic sense of strategic acumen stays alive."

Zip! We're in the gloaming, the three wanted men are having a last drink at the clubhouse, and we're wrapping up the episode. Bobby Elvis will be keeping an eye on things in Jax's absence. Gemma has an arm wrapped around Tig and she tells him, "Don't you worry, sweetheart. We'll take care of your baby." Tig only nods numbly. She then asks Chibs, "You keep my boy safe," and Chibs replies that he's on it. Jax shrugs off his cut and gives it to Tara -- it is a mirror of the gesture at the end of Season 1 when Tara handed him his cut at Donna's funeral, and it's on. Lowen and Happy greet Roosevelt at the door -- and it is a sign of what stern stuff he's made of that he just smiles and says, "I have the warrants." The three men shuffle out -- my lord, Tig looks like the walking dead -- and prepare to get cuffed and chained. Opie pulls up on his bike and walks over to Roosevelt. The sheriff says, "So you came to say good-bye?' "Yup," Opie says, then hauls back and lands an impressive punch on the left side of Roosevelt's jaw. And indeed, it is enough to guarantee that he will be accompanying Tig, Chibs and Jax to the pokey -- which has apparently been Opie's plan since Clay's visit. Everyone on SAMCRO is all, "Dang, Ope, we're glad you're our berserker," because honestly, Opie looks like all he needs is a helmet with some horns on it and a sword and he could go retake Northumbria and York for the glory of the Vikings. Tara asks Gemma what in the hell Opie's doing, and Gemma mutters tersely, "He's staying close."

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