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Take Away This Ball and Chain

They enter her dressing room and Lyla goes to freshen up her lip liner as Opie tries for some small talk: "Glad to see the Saffron sisters are still together." Lyla shrugs that it's her most lucrative title. Opie asks, "You still just doing girl?" and Lyla is all, "Did you come here to discuss my resume or do you have an actual point to this visit?" The point is that Ope wants Lyla to take care of Kenny and Ellie: "I got to leave town for a while. I don't know how long I'm going to be gone. There's $20,000 here. That should take care of living expenses... if you can't, I'll just take them to my mom's [but] they love you, miss Piper a lot." Lyla is going to do it, you can tell, but she's going to tear a strip off Ope as a tip on top of that $20,000. Opie promises, "I'll explain it all when I get back. Please, Lyla." She leans forward and asks, "Did you ever love me, Ope? Or was I just a distraction to get you to the next exit." "You weren't a distraction," Opie says promptly. He pauses, and then admits, "I don't know if I love anything." Lyla leans back, sad and relieved and says, "A few weeks." Opie kisses Lyla on the temple as he thanks her and then takes off. (Oh, these two. I'd say that they should work through Opie's issues and get back together, but Opie doesn't have issues -- he has subscriptions. Entire periodical libraries, really. And who can blame him?)

Back at the Best Little Cathouse in Charming, Gemma comes storming into the lobby, radiating anger as only she can and causing Chibs to paw at Jax's sleeve all "Jackie, Jackie, Jackie!" Jax asks his mom what she's doing there and she smacks him in the chest with the envelope, spitting, "Messenger. Marriage license." She asks for Tara and Jax is all, "Don't even --" but then Nero comes up to tell him the judge who's going to perform the ceremony has to split soon, and Gemma uses the distraction to bolt into the "aromatherapy room" where the bride-to-be is finishing her toilette.

Tara's idea of gussying for the ceremony is putting her hair up and uncapping a tube of lipstick. She doesn't even look up when Gemma makes her dramatic entrance, asking coolly, "You looking for me?" "Yeah," Gemma says. As Tara puts on her lipstick, she asks (or gloats, your call), "It's not how you planned, is it?" "Not being invited to my son's wedding? No, it's not," Gemma says, in a voice that could wither plants. Tara says, "I meant the idea of Jax marrying me. You hated the idea 14 years ago." The way this shot is framed, we see Tara applying her makeup, absorbed in the act and Gemma watching her with an almost palpable sense of regret. (One wonders if she sees her younger self in how Tara's acting.) Gemma says, "Life moves on. We change. I hate different things now." Tara scoffs and says, "Just say it, Gemma." Instead, Gemma walks forward and pulls out two rings on an oversized safety pin. "These were mine and John's. I figured you didn't have time to get rings." She folds her hands and waits for however Tara will reject this gesture. But Jax saves the day by opening the door and making sure the two women in his life aren't about to kill one another. "We're going to lose our john judge," he says. Gemma rolls her eyes at this, her life where her son's getting married in a whorehouse.

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