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Take Away This Ball and Chain

Clay's ordered Bobby Elvis to drop him at Opie's, as part of his TCB 2012 Tour. He catches Ope sawing wood -- literally -- and Opie snaps, "I heard about Tig's kid and the warrants, and that's why you're here." Clay wheezes that no, he's actually here because he told the club the truth about him and Piney ("That's your truth," snarls Opie, unwittingly becoming the first deconstructionist biker thug in America) and says he's not there to apologize, but for another reason. "This is me telling you [that] you're walking away from SAMCRO 'cause of your hatred for me. That's a mistake. I'm almost done. I'm half dead, for Christ's sake. Jax is the head of the table now. It's your time." He gets up to go and mentions offhandedly, "The guys are turning themselves in today." Almost against his will, Opie asks, "They got protection inside?" Clay says, "I don't know. But I do know this: Whatever happens, Jax is going to want you at that table. He needs you." Clay totters off. I admit: I am divided on whether Clay's trying to manipulate Opie into watching out for Jax because of some fatherly feeling toward his stepson or if he's trying to manipulate Opie into getting killed because the entire Winston clan has been a thorn in his paw since Season 1.

And now, Jax and Nero go tooling through Oakland with a detour to see Nero's son in his long-term care facility. Long story short: Nero's former girlfriend was using while she was pregnant and Lucius suffered preventable birth defects. "I wasn't paying attention during the pregnancy," Nero says. Jax warms to this with, "My first boy was born with his insides upside down. His mom was a junkie. I wasn't paying attention either." "Pecados de padre, homes," Nero says. The sins of the father. Funny how those reverberate through the entire series.

We switch scenes to set up a totally contrived series of events by which Gemma comes to learn of Jax and Tara's impending nuptials.

Back to Jax and Nero: the older man notices that they've been tailed since the care facility (we had seen the SUV parked earlier) and this cues a car chase that culminates in a game of chicken. Jax, we learn, is not so much a fan of this game. Nero laughs and says, "That was fun!" He then checks Jax's starchy complexion and says almost sheepishly, "Sorry, I don't get out much." Hee!

Hey, remember Lyla? She's adding to her considerable filmed oeuvre -- here, she and Ima are candy-stripers making out in between a gynecological patient's spraddled legs -- and when the director calls cut, whom should she notice glowering from the sidelines but her ex? Ima quietly asks Lyla if she's okay, and Lyla indicates that she can handle it. And she does, stomping away from Opie as he trails behind her, asking, "Can I talk to you?"

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