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Take Away This Ball and Chain

Charming PD. Unser comes on it and floats the theory that it's not Pope's men who are delivering payback to the inner and outer circles of SAMCRO. "It felt more white to me," Unser says. Roosevelt's eyes narrow as he inquires, "Really? And how does 'white' feel?" "Sloppy, clumsy... the beatdown felt more obligatory than angry," Unser says. So, um, points to other demographic groups for showing determination and vigor in their home invasions? He then goes on to tell Roosevelt that he's planning on poking around these home invasion, because something doesn't sit right with him.

So! Tig has found the address where Fawn presumably is and he freaks out at the sight of three rather athletic looking African American men on the front porch, so naturally, there is pushing and yelling and racial epithets being flung about by Tig, and it takes Jax pointing out that Tig's tendency to do violence to African Americans first, ask questions later is why they're on this fool errand in the first place before Tig reigns in the racism. But when he hears a woman screaming, "Stop! Stop!" his paternal panic amps up to eleven and he breaks in, shouting, "Fawnsy! Fawnsy!" as Fawn continues to shout, "Please stop, you're hurting me!" Tig kicks down a door and we discover that "Please stop, you're hurting me!" is actually code for "Please do not stop rogering me vigorously, as I quite enjoy it."

And all I have to say about all this is: I sincerely hope we find out later whether or not Fawn's suffered any long term sexual dysfunctions brought on by her father bursting in on her mid-coitus, smacking her boyfriend clean out of her, then pulling a gun on the young man.

And now, the awkward scene in the living room where Tig stammers to a semi-dressed Fawn that he had to find her, as she might be in trouble. Despite the clear evidence that Tig's out of his mind -- even more so than usual -- Fawn is not cutting Tig any slack when he asks her to skip town for a bit, and she snips, "What about Dawn? You get her to leave? Or maybe you just paid her to go?" Tig goes red with grief and begins tearing up, and this cues Fawn in that hey, maybe her pop's got good reason to worry about her. Also, her sister is dead because of her father, somehow. Cue Fawn flying at Tig, pounding him and screaming, "I hate you!" while Tig just mutters, "I know, I know, I'm sorry, baby." During all this, Jax quietly pulls aside the boyfriend, "Do you care about you? Then you've got to pack a bag and get her out of town. [He hands over some cash.] I'll tell you when it's safe to come back." Jax then assigns Chibs to make sure Fawn's boyfriend gets her out of the 510, and says he'll catch a ride back to Charming with Nero.

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