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Take Away This Ball and Chain

Over at the Morrow spread, Roosevelt is practically chortling over this home invasion, if only because he so plainly feels that these violent crimes could not happen to a more deserving group of people. "You know this is retaliation," Roosevelt says, and Clay mumbles, "I don't know nothin'. I leave the crime fighting to the professionals." He then tells the professional crime fighter that whomever broke into the house absconded with his personal safe and its contents (personal documents like marriage licenses and birth certificates). Before Roosevelt can follow up, Gemma and Bobby come in, making all sorts of appalled noises, as one would do if one's tidy if taste-challenged house had been ransacked by thugs. Roosevelt sighs and smiles inwardly all, Here we go... because Gemma's now pulling her favorite defensive maneuver, snapping angrily at anyone around her so they can leave her alone long enough for her to pull herself together. Roosevelt says, "Okay. Well, I told the other guys, so I'll tell you: If this feud blows back on any innocents, I will call Gang Task Force and have Charming locked down. If you remember anything, give me a call." Roosevelt stalks off.

Back at the Best Little Cathouse In Charming, Tara stomps over to talk to her brooding baby-daddy, who frets, "I've got to fix this." "You will," she says confidently. This moves Jax to thank Tara for being such a good sport about her fugitive inamorato camping out in a brothel, but before these two can have a moment, Chibs interrupts to say they've tracked down Fawn to an address in Oakland. He cites "Hamilton and Irving," which is a good-news-bad-news deal: The good news is that Fawn is close enough to walk to the Coliseum BART station and thus avail herself of the Bay Area's public transit system. The bad news is she may not have a very safe pedestrian commute at night. Anyway, Jax is about to head over to Oakland and perhaps shake his head at the silly canvases stretched over Mount Davis, but Tara's all, "The APB went wide, remember," and he's all, What I remember is I have to manage your ass and its unfortunate knack for recalling details at exactly the wrong moment.

Tara asks if Jax can't maybe delegate this one and he's all, "I have to make sure Tig's kid is safe." Tara ripostes, "What about our kids, Jax? You have sons -- what if you go back to jail again for a long time --" Jax gives Tara a look as if to ask Do you really think I would rather be in jail than missing out on parenting the world's most docile preschooler and the world's most convenient baby? Tara immediately backs down and apologizes for reminding Jax of the family that he keeps saying he puts first. Tara steels herself and orders Jax to go. He kisses her knuckles, heads off, then whips around and says, "Let's get married. Today." Tara is surprised, but pleasantly so: "Are you serious? I thought you wanted to --" "I don't want to wait any more," Jax says. Then he smiles and says, "Whatever happens, Tara, I want you to be my wife. I always have." Tara is fighting the urge to laugh as she says, "Here, in a brothel, wanted for murder?" Jax grins and channels his old Season 1 self by cracking, "Hey, I'm all about the fairy tale, baby." Tara's giving in to her giddiness now, sauntering over to him and grinning, "So much for romance." Jax leans in and whispers, "I killed a Fed for you. Nothing says 'endless love' like a capital murder." Tara smiles back and says, "I guess that's true." These two crazy kids decide to elope. But first, Jax has to go hunt down the living Traeger daughter. He plants one on Tara and promises, "I'll see you later, make an honest woman out of you," and the minute Jax saunters out of view, Tara mutters, "Good luck."

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