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Take Away This Ball and Chain

Hey, it's Lowen! (Robin Weigert, get on my screen more.) She's trying to figure out the best way to represent a bunch of bikers who truly do have a habit of shooting up the roads and killing people, but don't want to go to jail over it. It's worth noting that Tara's at the table with everyone. Granted, her schedule is a lot clearer now that she's not doing surgery, so hooray to her for finding the silver lining? Jax tells his lawyer that the whole point to this legal hoohah is that Pope's maneuvering the Sons into jail, where they can presumably be picked off by goons on the inside. He wants time to find a little protection; Lowen says he has maybe eight hours before he's got to turn himself in. He then dispatches Gemma to keep an eye on Tig, who is slumped over in a corner of the couch. Gemma realizes she's being sent away so Jax and Tara can talk with Lowen, but there's nothing she can do about it beyond rolling her eyes and trailing disgruntlement in her wake.

Once it's just Jax, Tara and Lowen, we find out that Tara's been trying to bring Lowen up to speed on the RICO case threat of last season without using the words "cartel," "CIA" and "ridiculous bargain with people who won't hesitate to throw us to the wolves when it's convenient." Lowen is understandably exasperated by all of this, as it's hard to do her job when she's not fully informed. Jax and Tara waggle their eyebrows significantly until Lowen finally guesses, "Feds?" They nod. She facepalms for a second, then rallies because that's why they pay her the big money. (One wonders how they pay her the big money. Using cash?) Lowen points out that the RICO case rests on Otto's testimony, so if they can discredit that, then all the past crimes disappear and they're only stuck with the pesky present charges of gun running. Lowen laughs and says, "It's going to be really tough getting details on a case I'm not even supposed to know about." Their first angle of attack is Otto. Although Lowen can't get to him directly, perhaps someone else can -- "It depends on how tightly they have him locked down." (And now we have our pretext for the annual Wounding of The Otto, as it is virtually impossible for that character to make it through a season without incident.)

Chibs comes by with the news about Unser and the home invasion at Gemma's, and Jax's eyes bug out. He's convinced this is Pope's doing, but Bobby Elvis cautions him, "This is not about payback, brother." Jax, listen to your VP. He's got strategy for days. After a few minutes of fuming, Jax comes up with a plan: "Put the club on alert. Wives, kids, everyone should be looking out." Why not just have a big SAMCRO sleepover in the clubhouse, as in Season 2? Pope's tactic make the neo-Nazis look low-key by comparison. Jax sends Bobby to handle recon at Gemma's home retainer, makes promises of sweet, sweet cash to Lowen if she looks into the RICO business, then tells Chibs they have to find Fawn Traeger before Pope does. Tara takes this all in, looking less than pleased. And... girl. Either you're all in -- as you keep telling Jax -- or you're out, but the "I'm in, but only if I can look petulant most of the time" option is eroding any good will the audience has toward you.

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