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Take Away This Ball and Chain

Zip! We're over at the Oakland yard and Chibs is first out of the truck and straight to Tig. The other bikers arrive and skid to a halt when they see the pile of bodies in the pit. Jax -- who is no stranger to checking out the corpses of burned women, if you recall the series premiere -- has figured it all out in an instant and says, "I'm so sorry. " Tig plows ahead, because he has to give voice to the whole horror. "Pope... he burned her alive, right in front of me... Uh... he threatened to do the same to Fawn. I gotta find her." Jax is now all business, establishing that Tig killed the cop and the cleaner. Tig, who is on his hands and knees, asks shakily, "Help me get Dawn out, yeah?" Jax nods. He sends Chibs back to the truck for the tarps that are conveniently stashed there -- let us all take a moment to avoid thinking about why a pimp has tarps in the back of his vehicle -- then he watches as Bobby drapes himself over Tig and says, "Let's go get her."

Oh, hey -- Clay came through for Unser after all. And he's managed to redirect Juice's mother-henning onto Unser, so win-win. Clay asks for details of the assault, then queries, "Where's Gemma?" Unser says he doesn't know and then repeats himself when Clay cocks an eyebrow. Clay buys Unser's sincerity. Unser then says he's not sure "which way to jump," i.e. if this break-in is symptomatic of SAMCRO's latest shenanigans or if it's symptomatic of Charming's latest civic unrest. Clay says, "You gotta call the sheriff. It's the only way I collect the insurance off of this shit." Can you imagine all the different types of insurance Clay carries? Home insurance, motorcycle insurance, car insurance, health insurance... I am betting that there is a shrine to him in some insurance company's national headquarters somewhere. Probably paid for with his quarterly premiums.

Clay theorizes that the home invasion was perpetrated by some of Pope's people, then swerves 90 degrees to ask Unser, "Did you really come over her to feed the bird?" Unser slams down his glass of water in exasperation and says, "She's on her own trip these days. I have no idea where she goes or who with." He goes to get up from the table in a snit, but he's too beaten up to do so and when he falls, Clay tries to catch him before his body reminds him that he's a wheezy old gunshot victim. Unser eventually struggles to his feet and says bitterly, "Charmed life isn't it?"

Back at the docks, Jax and Chibs are soaking the pile of corpses in some green fluid (where they got it and how they know what it is will remain a mystery), and Jax unintentionally mirrors Pope's actions by lighting a cigarette and tossing it into the pit. He then walks over to Bobby Elvis and says they need to go, but Bobby murmurs for him to hold up; Tig needs time. We see Tig holding Dawn's body, rocking back and forth almost imperceptibly; it's the same parental sway anyone who's ever rocked the floor with a newborn can fall into on cue.

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