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Take Away This Ball and Chain

We flash quickly to the three nomads from last week. They've managed to jimmy open Clay's safe and Frankie Diamonds is looking at the two birth certificates and the Morrow/Teller marriage license while Go-Go and Greg the Peg dump the safe.

Then we're back in the transport van. Jax gives Opie a wry smile before asking, "Is this you becoming me?" Opie lifts his chin and asks, "How'd I do?" Jax gives a warmer smile before responding, "Not bad."

In the clubhouse parking lot, Gemma's nowhere to be seen and it's just Happy, Juice, Tara and Bobby Elvis standing there. Tara still has her sad little flower tucked into her hair. Bobby slides an arm around Tara and steers her away, and she flings an arm around him in response as she walks -- it's a very Gemma-like move.

Speaking of whom, guess who has on her sleaziest heels and has decided to pay Nero a late night social call? He's game. Meanwhile, Clay is sitting alone with a pile of unopened envelopes to one side and a glass of alcohol to the other. And we flash to Pope in his office studying Jax's rap sheet with the intensity of a radiologist looking at a lung X-ray.

Then we're back in the van. Jax is looking at his men -- two of whom are basically the walking dead -- and he twiddles his wedding ring as he waits to be taken to his probable death in lockup.

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