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Take Away This Ball and Chain
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Opie is woken up from a dead sleep by the flickering lights of a police car. It's Roosevelt, who's come by with a dozen of his closest friends to ask if Opie might have any idea where Jax is. Opie stares at Roosevelt incredulously, as if to say, There really is no way I'm ever escaping Jax, is there? Probably not, Ope.

Meanwhile, at the Best Little Cathouse In Charming, the SAMCRO boys are eying the normal ebb and flow of business (we see that Carla is the "Bad Pimp" in the Good Pimp/Bad Pimp dynamic she and Nero have going) and wondering how it is that they ended up going into drugs and guns instead of semi-attractive-in-a-strip-mall-kind-of-way ladies. Bobby Elvis grills Gemma as to how long and how well she knows Nero, and Gemma vouches for his character in a way that makes it totally obvious that she knows Nero purely in a Biblical sense and is wildly bluffing on everything else.

Anyway, Nero, ever the good host, shows the bikers to the alleged "aromatherapy" rooms where they can kip and invites Gemma to make herself at home in the studio apartment on the second floor. Gemma is to let Nero know if she needs anything; the "such as another night of my sweet lovin'" is unspoken, yet clearly heard by Bobby Elvis. Jax picks up on it in some corner of his reptile brain and asks, "Why are you helping us? I don't know you, your crew --" "I can vouch for him," Gemma says, hoping to shut this down before Nero answers Jax with, "Well, your mom picked me up, tossed two hookers into the mix like they were the toys in the humpy happy meal we had, then treated me to the kind of night it's taken all day to recover from. I just unhooked from the IV drip rehydrating me, and I'm going to smell like arnica for two weeks. AND IT WAS WORTH IT."

Jax, however, does not really care if Gemma wants to shut this line of inquiry down. Nero says, "Let's just consider this networking, okay? Maybe at some point, you get to help me." No doubt when it's least convenient for everyone in SAMCRO. Chibs comes in to tell Jax that they've found Tig down at the old Oakland rail yards, but they've got to go get him ASAP. Jax is about to head out when Gemma points out that the fuzz will be looking for their motorcycles, so Nero further networks by offering the use of his blue pickup truck.

Meanwhile, Unser continues to bleed all over the Morrow household kitchen. He is also coming to, quite painfully, and to make matters worse, the only person he can call is Clay. Clay hangs up on him and contemplates his next drink.

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