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Feat of Clay

And that is the moment Jax shoots him in the throat. Clay falls, drowning in his own blood. Outside, Gemma’s jaw works soundlessly and she reels into Nero. Chibs looks stone-faced. Juice looks like he wants to cry. Jax looks down, his face curdled into hate, and shoots Clay’s body another four or five times. We cut to Tig closing his eyes and turning away. One more shot of Jax’s ugly expression, then a shot of Clay, quiet in a pool of spreading blood.

When Jax comes out, he asks Gemma, "You okay?" Of course Gemma says she is. Ever-helpful, Gemma will take charge of ferrying Tara wherever she is supposed to go; giving Tara access to independent transit is unthinkable, even now. Gemma kisses Jax and we see Nero walk by, looking disgusted. Still, he opens Gemma’s door for her.

As Jax strolls over to settle things with his current surrogate father figure, Tara rounds the end of the SUV to eavesdrop.

Nero says, "Now I know what you meant by 'more'." Jax replies, "I’m glad you were here. What went down today was us burying the last piece of a very broken past. What you and me are doing together, that’s SAMCRO’s future." Jax looks like he believes what he’s saying, but Nero gives him a Ese, please and dismisses him. Tara, meanwhile, looks like what Jax has said is some great revelation. I am betting this is the moment when she decides to let herself hope that it’s going to work out like Jax promised so she won’t have to make any awful choices about her future.

Jax opens the door for Tara in a hollow parody of the courtship courtesy Nero shows Gemma, and as Tara gets in, he thanks her. She wordlessly squeezes his hand. Jax looks down, surprised, then back at Tara’s face. Oh, these two. In the words of the old Ladies Home Journal feature, "Can this marriage be saved?" In the words of this recapper: Should it be?

Jax watches everyone pull out, just sort of staring into space, and it takes Chibs to pull him back on track.

Meanwhile, in the SUV, Nero is trying to process the events of the last few minutes. His mind is positively blown that the guys in SAMCRO voted on someone’s murder. Tara pipes up from the back seat: "A few months ago, Clay killed Piney Winston, one of the original members. Then he ordered the cartel to kill me, because I knew what he did to John Teller. Jax stopped them, but that’s how my hand got crushed. Ruined my career." Nero responds, "Jeeeeeeeeesus." (On the couch, my husband cracked, "It’s like Jimmy Smits just read every single one of your recaps at once!") Tara finishes with one final judgment: "Clay Morrow should have been dead a long time ago."

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