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Feat of Clay

Gemma realizes what’s about to happen and freezes in shock.

Jax confers with Nero and tells him, "Now you know everything, brother." "I wish I didn’t," Nero says. Jax glares at him. Nero continues, "This your way of getting out of guns? Taking down a prison transport, killing a sheriff? 'Cause that shit is all over the news, mano." Jax nods, "It’s more than that.” “More, really? ‘Cause I don’t know if I could take much more, Jax," Nero replies.

Jax decides talking to his estranged wife is more pleasant than continuing this conversation, and goes over to see how Bobby’s doing. Answer: not well. She needs to swing by St. Just Stop Pretending This Hospital Matters, Please to pick up her bag. Chibs comes over to mention that Connor’s 15 minutes out. Clay speaks up.

CLAY: What do we do now, pres?
JAX: We settle with the Irish.
CLAY: How do we do that with three dead bodies?
JAX: How would you do it?
CLAY: Well … the smart plan would be to blame it on a bad relationship. You know, two guys with a history get into a beef, one thing leads to another. [softly] Couldn’t be helped.
JAX: [also softly] Sounds about right.

Clay looks around ruefully at the people who all used to tell him they loved him. Then he says, "I guess you had another vote I wasn’t privy to." Jax confirms and twists the knife, "This time it was unanimous." "Fair enough,” Clay says. Tig says to Clay, "Let’s go," and everyone turns to walk back toward the office. Cut to Tara standing there all, "So this is happening …" and I honestly think that’s more of an all-in from Jax’s old lady than anything else she may be doing for or against him and the club right now.

As the club walks silently into the office, we see that Tara and Nero have ambled closer to Gemma.

SAMCRO walks back into the office. You’ll all be relieved to know that none of the bodies have turned into zombies and begun shambling around. (Though I have my suspicions that SAMCRO would thrive in a zombie apocalypse. They’d probably even find a way to keep their walking dead brothers on bikes). Clay turns to face the five men arrayed against him -- Tig, Juice, Chibs, Jax and Rat -- and says, “It’s good.”

Chibs hands Jax a loaded gun. Jax looks at Clay with cold murder in his eyes. Clay looks back with a calm sadness. He turns once to look at Gemma -- we see her looking at Clay, eyes enormous in grief and regret -- and Clay smiles gently at his wife.

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