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Feat of Clay

We get another lovely shot, this one of Clay and Jax circling one another warily, while Chibs and Tig hover near them like electrons uncertain of which nucleus to orbit. Then an Irishman calls, "He’s ready for you," and they all go into Galan’s office.

Galan and Clay hug for a moment, and then as Galan extends his hand with a "Good job, Jackson," Jax whips out a gun and blows out Galan’s brains. Chibs and Tig follow suit with the other two Irish in the room. Clay untangles himself from the fichus he jumped behind all, "What the … oh." Jax is giving him a hard look, practically begging for Clay to say something, but all Clay can come up with is the club standard: "Jesus Christ."

Jax says quietly, "We had a vote. Decided this had to happen." There’s a faint horn honking (indicating the arrival of Gemma, Nero and their doctor-cum-quasi-hostage – doc stage? – Tara). The bikers, current and former, leave the office and Jax orders Clay, "Shut the door." As he walks off, Tig asks quietly, "How’s this going to play out with Tara and Gemma here?" "Same way," Jax shrugs.

Within moments, Tara’s come in to assess the situation, and what is striking is how everyone drops whatever issues they have with her when she assumes the authority of a medical professional. Bobby catches Jax’s eye and gives him a look like, "What in the sweet f**k-all?" and Jax nods before dealing with his mom’s interrogation. Nero only has eyes for Clay.

Speaking of whom … let’s all take a moment to marinate in the awkwardness when Clay comes over and both Jax and Nero step back from Gemma, indicating that she needs to deal with this on her own. Gemma walks over to talk to Clay:

CLAY: I didn’t think I’d see you this soon.
GEMMA: Guess I’m just lucky. [pause] They carting you off to Belfast?
CLAY: I don’t think so.
GEMMA: I thought that was the plan.
CLAY: [takes a moment to compose himself, almost smiles.] I think there’s another plan.

Clay sees Nero watching them and nods his head slightly, then says, "I’m glad you’re not alone, Gem." He leans forward and kisses her once on the cheek. Reader, I am not too proud to admit that I got a lump in my throat here. One of the reasons I got into this show in season one was because I loved watching Clay-and-Gemma as a couple, and the unraveling of Charming’s king and queen has been such a tragedy. More specifically, it has been Clay’s tragedy. We’ve seen over and over that the best and finest parts of who Clay was came through in his love for his wife. And we’ve seen how that love was fruit from the poison tree. After all, he murdered for Gemma. She brought out the best and worst in Clay, and the tragedy was that he could never tease the two apart.

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