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Feat of Clay

Now, the uncomfortable moment where Tara has to fetch her children from Gemma’s house. She keeps her cool, even when Abel tells her he’s making lunch for Wendy because she’s sick, and Nero tries to defuse things by saying cheerily, "Maybe you’re going to grow up and be a doctor like your mom someday!" Tara gives him a look like Don’t even try, buddy. Gemma gets the phone and walks into the other room, and Nero tries again with Tara. She shoots down his lunch offer and asks what Wendy’s doing, and that’s how she finds out Wendy is now enrolled in the "Use Again And I Rip Your Tits Off" Institute. I, personally, am curious about the relapse stats. Is the success rate as good as the anti-smoking program in Quitters, Inc.? Nero says Wendy could probably use a doctor to look at her, and Tara shoots back that Wendy can find one, as Tara’s lost her license.

Gemma comes back in and tells Tara that Bobby’s been shot, it’s bad, and they’ve got to go. Tara laughs and says, "So, what, we just pretend nothing happened and I’m Mob Doctor again?" Gemma snaps, "I’m willing to pretend if it’s going to save his life!" (Hands up, everyone who thinks Gemma is scrambling for a way to back down from her anti-Tara crusade without losing face). Well, Tara certainly doesn’t want Bobby to die, so she hands his kids off to Unser again and follows her in-laws out the door.

Roosevelt and Patterson are now at the transport breakout scene. They are both super pissed at the MC, and Roosevelt is sure the Sons are behind it, but Patterson stalls him from rounding anyone up because she wants to rethink her options.

The getaway truck (the white one) pulls into a pristine hangar and when it opens, Clay hops out. Jax ignores him in favor of asking how Bobby’s doing (the answer: not well) and everyone just kind of positions themselves all over the place as Clay gradually ambles over to the office.

We switch perspectives to Juice, who is not yet in his cut and is trying very hard to pretend he doesn’t notice Clay is here. Unfortunately for him, Clay has other plans. He walks right over to Juice, says, "Thank you, brother, for today," and then gives him a hug and kiss. And while I am about 90% convinced that Clay is all about making amends and wrapping up loose ends, I can’t help but suspect that he did this just to mess with Juice’s head a little. Because whether or not that was his intention, that’s what happened.

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