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Feat of Clay

Okay, now that we’ve all stopped laughing, let’s resume recapping. Gemma goes on the offense and tries to make Unser seem morally complicit: "If you really don’t want these boys here, why are you still helping me?" Unser looks at Gemma with a mixture of pity and self-loathing, and says, "For the same reason I find myself still here, no matter what the upset or damage. Because I love you. I’m in love with you." In the deafening silence that follows, he takes his leave. (By the way, Dayton Callie killed it in that scene. Nobody does "anger at the follies of the human condition" quite like he does.)

And now, time for the caper of the week. Before the club (split into its attendant vans) can do anything, they have to wait. Juice is silent and tense, off in his own world, and Jax calls, "Hey! Juice! You here?" Juice says so, and then adds, "I’m not having a breakdown, man." Jax says patiently, "I didn’t think you were." Juice says, "Chibs and some of the other guys, I know they’re worried." "Should they be?" Jax asks. Nope! Juice is no way having an emotional crisis! He’s naturally pop-eyed with haunted regrets like any other normal young man. Juice adds, "I got to feel like I’m doing something right, Jax. Not like 'right or wrong' kind of right, but I’ve got to feel like I’m … I’m…" "Like you’re one of the good guys," says Jax. Why, yes! But before either of them can bemoan how hard it is to feel like a good guy when you’re wantonly murdering people all over the place, the phone rings and it’s go time on the caper.

So the good news, this doesn’t turn into forty dead bodies and two hundred guns going off. It’s actually fairly straightforward: Tig and Bobby crash into the follow vehicle (that provides security for the transport van) and the remaining delivery trucks box in the prison transport vehicle. The guards recognize that they’re badly outnumbered and outgunned, and it’s a moment’s work for Jax to open the door in Clay’s van.

When Clay sees that it’s Jax who’s freed him, it’s the first time he’s shown any surprise at any of this. "Where the hell are the Irish?" He asks. Jax pulls down his balaclava and quips, "In Ireland." (Which, haaaaaaaa!)

Meanwhile, Roosevelt and Patterson are only now realizing they’ve been watching a decoy operation that was meant to divert resources from the prison transport.

Speaking of which … the getaway is almost clean, but a sheriff manages to fire off a couple of shots at the truck that has Bobby Elvis, Jax and Juice in it. Bobby Elvis gets hit, Jax shouts, "Shit!" and Juice responds to the mayhem by running over the deputy. Well, that has just elevated this operation to a whole new level of "really nasty charges if anyone is ever apprehended." But nobody’s worried about that -- they’re fretting over Bobby’s shoulder, which is filled with glass and lead. Chibs shouts, "This is way beyond me!" We go to the front of the truck, where Juice is looking like this is way beyond him too. "Mowing down a cop to save my own life during a prison breakout" is not really going to help his issue of feeling as if he’s not really working on the side of the angels.

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