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Feat of Clay

Wendy’s withdrawal is not going well, but Gemma thinks she’ll have an incentive to recover more quickly if she sees Abel. Unser asks if that won’t confuse Abel or be bad for him, and Gemma shrugs that Abel’s going to get to know his “real” mother once Tara’s out of the picture, so why not get started now? Two birds, one stone. Unser sets his face and asks, "Me helping Tara -- you do know it was all about them?" Gemma begrudgingly admits this. Unser says, "Which is still the case. If Tara gets off, all this shit that’s gone down … she’s still their mom. What does that look like?" Gemma says, "That’s Jax’s call," which is code for "I will be telling Jax how to cut his wife out of her children’s lives." Unser presses, "If she goes away, what happens to them? And don’t give me all that ‘club and family’ rhetoric. I’m talking about the day-to-day of it, Gemma. Who takes care of them?"

"I do!" Gemma says, angry that Unser even thinks this is a question. Unser asks, "Really? You think you’re up to that?" Gemma is furious that Unser dares poke holes at the conceit that her divine status as God’s Fierce Mother would be undercut by picayune considerations like age or heart conditions.

Unser asks, "What about the burden on [the boys]? Opie, Half-Sack, Phil … they were all somebody’s sons. If their mothers had a chance to do it over again, lead them in a different direction –" "There are no second chances, Wayne," Gemma says, as she holds the child named after her dead son and defends her decision to raise two little boys just like she did twenty years prior.

Hilariously oblivious to the hypocrisy of her words, Gemma continues, "We get one shot at loving and raising our kids. And I’m going to do this right." Unser’s face is hard. He says, "I have no doubt that you could raise these boys, and I know how much you love them. But you got to realize, this isn’t 1967 anymore, sweetheart. This life, it ain’t romantic or free. There’s no path to anything that makes any sense. It’s just dirty and sad, and we both know it’s only going to get worse."

This is the second man who loves Gemma who’s just told it like it is. Could this be the moment when it sinks into her skull that the path she’s chosen is not going to end well? Is there a chance for this damaged woman to avert the tragic ending that is being foretold in giant, neon lights? Both Nero and Unser are reasonable men with cool heads. Surely that counts for something in Gemma’s world?

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Sons of Anarchy




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