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Feat of Clay

Cue the Greek chorus. Chucky comments to Unser, "She seems really sad." "Lot of that going around," Unser replies. Chucky asks, "It’s not going to get any better, is it?" "Not today, Chucky," Unser sighs.

Cut to all of SAMCRO pulling into the beverage warehouse to get the particulars on the transport breakout plan from Connor.

Tara’s meeting with her new lawyer, who seems very no-nonsense. He may actually have a working grasp of how the law works, since he points out to Tara that when she files for divorce, Jax has the right to refute her testimony in court, which makes everything public record and that can be used in the Toric trial. Tara looks nonplussed, quite possibly because she just realized she wrote Lowen a big check for legal services that basically amounted to "Here’s how to screw yourself." The new lawyer, Glender, presses, "The biggest part of your defense is your credibility. If the DA finds out about the doubts regarding the miscarriage, they’ll dig in to get the truth. If what they find comes back unfavorable, I lose my defense."

Tara cuts to the heart of her dilemma: "So I have to choose? My boys or my freedom?" Glender tells her, "There’s no guarantee of either, but essentially, yes."

So now we get to the scene where it turns out Connor is something of a logistical mastermind. Not only has he lined up four unmarked, untraceable delivery-style trucks, he’s also whipped up a huge map that shows everyone exactly where and how each truck will be positioned along the transport route, and then walks everyone through their roles in Operation Surround the Transport With Trucks And Get What We Want. Looking at the quality of Connor’s visual aids, I’m thinking his true calling is as a graphic designer.

We then go to the musical montage where everyone gets ready for these exercises in catering to Irish temper tantrums. The takeaway here is that gray jumpsuits flatter no man, not even ones as well-built as Juice or Jax.

Meanwhile, we learn that Jax has had the brains to have some of his bikers set up a decoy operation down in the Stockton docks. It looks like Patterson and Roosevelt are falling for it. Everyone gets into position for what they think will be the take down of the Irish gun operation.

Gemma pulls into T-M and notices that Abel is being cared for by a few women who probably have "Get Kat VonD to tattoo my neck" on their life list. She walks into her office, where Chuckie is doing paperwork and Unser’s snuggling Thomas, and coos, "My hard-working boys." Chuckie promptly takes off, leaving Unser and Gemma to discuss the state of affairs.

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