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Feat of Clay

Nero kisses Gemma, then asks, "You think any of this mercy might be able to spill over into Tara’s cup? She’s the mother of your grandson, Gem. That shit ain’t never going to change." Gemma warns Nero to back off and he points out that he’s not unfamiliar with a bone-deep anger toward someone, because he certainly felt it toward Lucius’s mom. “I can chew the hate that I feel for her,” he says. Gemma rolls her eyes and points out, "She’s dead. You’re not.” Nero replies, “Yeah, but I’m the one that’s still got to live with that shit ’cause I never made it right when she was alive.”

Gemma waits just long enough to pretend she’s absorbing Nero’s words) instead of boasting that she’s capable of deep hate, because it’s in the DNA) and then says that she can’t forgive Tara. Nero wisely drops it, then moves to put his coffee cup in the sink. We get a close-up on Gemma’s face, where it seems to be sinking in that she’s no longer with someone who’s going to indulge her ability to hold a grudge. This could seriously cramp her style.

Meanwhile, I’m distracted by that spice rack-cum-dishtowel rack she’s got over the sink. It’s super-cute and looks like something Ikea stocks. And now I’m cracking myself up imagining Gemma trip-trapping through the East Palo Alto Ikea in her killer heels, loading Clay down with all manner of inexpensive Swedish housewares, then hectoring him about hanging up her new Fintorp wall storage just so. Please, someone, work a "SAMCRO goes to Ikea" scene into the series in the season and change we have left. PLEASE.

The next scene shows the Sons out in full force, roaring down the highway with all sorts of brothers from different charters. It honestly looks like they’re a modern cavalry riding into war. Or into the credits, at the very least.

Tara pulls into Teller Morrow Motors which, bafflingly, has actual cars and customers. I am dying -- DYING -- to know the state of auto body shops in the San Joaquin county area. Are there just not any other shops? Are the people of Charming terrified that going anywhere else will cause their houses to be burned down and their daughters press ganged into Croweater service? This business’s resilience astounds me.

ANYWAY, the woman who is nuking her own life to keep her children away from the biker culture has to hand off her children to a few random Croweaters and ex-friend Unser. She has to go meet with her new lawyer. As Tara reaches the car, Unser calls out, "I’m sorry the way all this went down. I know your heart was in the right place." Tara does not respond, "Yeah, well, that and two bucks gets me a grande coffee at Starbucks. Which this crap hole dying town doesn’t even have." Instead she replies, "Where my heart is matters very little."

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