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Feat of Clay

Tara locks the door behind him, then collapses against it. We see her take out the bullet and a bloody gauze square, and the episode ends with her holding the bullet and looking torn about whether or not she wants to go through with Patterson.

TOKEN RECAPPER SPECULATION, WHICH YOU CAN SAFELY SKIP BECAUSE WE ARE AT THE END OF THE RECAP: I think tonight’s episode was "shocking" not so much because Clay bit it (we all knew that was coming this season) but because it showed so clearly how Gemma has created, directly or indirectly, nearly every foe the club faces. We already know she embraced the gun running, whether because it was a nice fuck you to the philandering first husband or because it personally profited her to have a second husband who was powerful and wealthy from dealing arms. And look how many problems for the club have stemmed from that.

Nero is not the asset everyone seems to assume he is -- he’s a guy with a conscience who made that plea deal not because "the club” meant so much to him, but because he sussed out (correctly) that an ex-junkie OG pimp had the system stacked against him, and if he was going to go down for a bullshit murder rap he would not have even FACED had it not been for SAMCRO, at least he’d provide for his son. The minute anyone goes after Lucius, Nero’s going to react. And that vulnerability Nero brings to the club? That wouldn’t exist without Gemma.

And let’s talk about Tara’s entire plot arc this season. As she had tried to play it, she merely wanted to get herself and the boys free of the club. Jax and the rest of SAMCRO wouldn’t feel any real, legal consequences if Tara’s scheme had worked. But Gemma worried at it, then made her death threats, then pushed Jax’s sense of betrayal until he put his wife under virtual house arrest and made her turn over her children to the very people she wanted to keep them from. So now Tara’s in a position to really hurt her husband and the club, and she just might go through with it because she believes Gemma has left her no other options.

Gemma sees herself as the matriarch protector of the club and its members, but she’s really the thing that’s going to kill it. The only question I have now is whether Gemma will realize this before the end of the series… or if she’s been in denial about this all along.

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