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Feat of Clay

As Patterson and Roosevelt discuss their next steps, Deputy Cane knocks and delivers exposition: Acting on an anonymous tip, a colleague has just found several cases of KG-9s and a few dead bodies in an airplane hangar nearby. As luck would have it, two of the dead bodies are Galen O’Shay and Clay Morrow. Will Patterson and Roosevelt take the bait and write off the school shooting case as "solved" now? We shall see.

We’re up at the cabin and Tara’s removing assorted bits and pieces of detritus from Bobby Elvis’s abundant torso. Chibs is assisting, and after she pulls out the bullet, he says warmly, "That was beautiful, Doc." Six seasons in, and it still unnerves me how easily and quickly these guys switch between warm collegiality and murderous hostility. It makes you wonder about the nerves of anyone who’s actually living this life.

Anyway, we move to Gemma, who has recovered from the emotional rigors of the afternoon and is now back to playing house in her castles in the air. She’s reading Abel a bedtime story while Nero lounges next to them. Unser comes in with Thomas and literally reels at the domestic tableaux he sees before him. Nero comes over to take the baby, and Unser awkwardly makes his exit. Gemma says formally, "Thank you, Wayne," and then Nero hands her Thomas. Unser’s forgotten, and Gemma can go back to pretending she’s got her adoring man and two little boys all to herself.

Bobby Elvis comes to, and everyone is generally relieved.

Now we’re at the hangar. Cane is looking over one of the cases of guns, and Patterson walks in and gives the whole thing her best What the WHAT? look. (CCH Pounder does the best furious incredulity in the business). As she walks into the office, where beleaguered crime-scene techs are running off to get more bullet markers because they’ve already run out, Roosevelt remarks a tad cynically, "Teller kept his promise. Gave you Galen and the guns." Patterson looks at Clay and says, "No, he didn’t. The deal I made didn’t include a stack of dead bodies."

(Well, it didn’t NOT include a stack of dead bodies. I wonder if Jax was making all his deals under the assumption that they’d fall apart. He certainly did with Stahl back in Season 3).

Back at the cabin, Tara’s washing up afterward in the small bathroom off the bedroom; Jax is on the bed, smoking away. She comes out of the bathroom and very carefully sits down a few feet away. Jax still avoids looking at Tara as he opens his mouth and begins managing his wife like he does every other complication in his life: "I know you didn’t have to help us today. Thank you." He looks over, but Tara’s staring straight ahead as she mumbles how glad she is Bobby will be okay. Jax is still staring at Tara as he says, "I understand why you did everything you did." Tara finally looks over at Jax, albeit warily. He sits up and says, "I’m sorry being with me took you to that place." They look at each other, both angry and hurt and clearly hoping the other will say something that will somehow fix this, but when the silence stretches on too long, Jax gets up and leaves.

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