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Feat of Clay

Nero tells Gemma, "That was rough, Mama. I’m sorry." Gemma sighs and says, "I don’t know why I’m so goddamned sad." Perhaps because you’re trying to get over a twenty-year marriage in twenty weeks? Nero says as much, but Gemma is irritated by these stupid human emotions and so deflects by making sure Nero’s totally okay with the club. Nero is not. He says ruefully, "The Godfather paradox: The more distance I try to create, the closer I get." Gemma multitasks, pushing Nero’s paternal buttons while trying to find a new father figure for her boy with, "Jax loves you, Nero. I see how he looks at you, how he listens to you."

And here is where things get interesting: Nero explicitly rejects what Gemma’s suggesting with "I’m a little too old to adopt." Are we going to see some distance between Nero and Jax now? The "joke" falls flat. Gemma sniffles and then turns back to Nero and says, "You can always marry me." With a grave face and a voice stripped of all jocularity, Nero says, "No offense, Mama, [but] I’ve seen what happens to your husbands. It ain’t pretty." Gemma starts choking back sobs again with, "No, it’s not." She then tries again: "I’m so glad you’re in our lives." Nero says he is too, but he honestly looks like a man who wishes he could rewind the last three months and spend his evenings home looking for love on Catholic Singles.

Tara edges into her office, and after Roosevelt and Patterson heavily imply Tara knows more about the prison transport fiasco than she lets on, Patterson says, "Those other considerations I had are now off the table, so I’ve decided to take you up on your offer. In exchange for your cooperation against the MC, you’ll get immunity for Pamela Toric’s murder." Tara does a double take, then stares at Roosevelt. He looks back at her, his face hard. She asks, "What about my boys? And protection?" Ah, but that would require a RICO case, and to make that, Tara would have to provide the office with a federal crime, i.e. gun-running, extortion or murder. "Tell us who broke out Clay," Roosevelt urges. Tara looks like she wants to, but instead she asks, "What would I have to do?" "Provide us with irrefutable evidence," Patterson says.

We reach another inflection point in the episode -- and possibly in the series -- as Tara looks heartbroken, but asks calmly, "If I pulled a bullet out of a club member from today’s shooting, a sheriff’s bullet, it would have DNA on it. Would it be proof?" Provided Tara testifies, yes, as it puts them member at the scene and proves the Sons were responsible for the breakout and the sheriff’s murder. Tara fights back tears and asks for everyone to hold their horses for a day. She is noncommittal as she leaves: "I have to go, Gemma’s waiting outside."

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