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Feat of Clay

This is when Gemma breaks down into sobs. She tries to pull herself together – "I hated him so much" -- and Tara shifts uneasily. Things get even more awkward when Patterson calls her right then all, "I need to speak with you." Tara manages to get off the phone and Gemma asks, "Jax?" Tara says shortly, "No. Lawyers." Gemma says tiredly, "Sorry. I know that’s probably –" "You okay?" Tara asks abruptly, putting a hand on Gemma’s shoulder, and Gemma clings to Tara’s hand.

SIDEBAR: Among the many, many tragedies on this show, the Tara/Gemma relationship ranks in my personal top five, because if each of them could get out of their own way and they could genuinely support one another, they would be freakin’ unstoppable. I suspect in this case, Tara’s supporting Gemma in a play-nice move – which would make her even more of a cold-hearted monster than Gemma is – but I still kind of hope that she’s genuinely moved by the pain of someone she loves (however grudgingly). And that Gemma grabs Tara’s hand … she loves Tara still, I think. Nero looks at the linked hands, possibly hoping something good can come out of today’s bloody mess.

Speaking off, the pool beneath Clay’s head has only gotten bigger. How is it that a bunch of different bikers can tromp in and out of this office and not one of them has stepped in any blood? There are four bodies in there leaking all over the place, and nobody in SAMCRO is known for the delicacy of their dancer-like stride. Instead, everyone’s monkeying around with the crime scene so it looks like Clay and Galen shot each other, and the bikers are banking on nobody in the San Joaquin County having ever watched an episode of CSI, much less heard of "gun powder residue"

And now, the scene where poor Connor discovers he got a promotion. Jax basically performs the equivalent of a Jedi mind trick on him all, "You WILL tell your bosses that August Marks is their distributor, or else the Chinese will jump into the market in your stead," and a stunned Connor agrees to call Belfast in the morning.

Jax then cleans up another dangling end: "We’re going to need to leave the KG-9s here. Take the rest of the guns, store them in the beverage warehouse … I’ll cover the cost of the [KG-9s]." He offers to shake with Connor, and after a minute, the other man takes his hand. And thus the next iteration of Clay and Galen comes to pass…

Gemma and Nero pull up in front of the hospital and leave the motor running while Tara goes inside to "get some supplies," i.e. meet with Patterson in her office and then scramble for a bag.

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