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Feat of Clay
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We begin the episode with a glimmer of hope: Tara has finally had the brains to use the futon in Thomas’s room as her crash pad. In a welcome touch of verisimilitude, Thomas coos her awake. (Babies are some of the noisiest sleepers around, and I am danged glad someone finally showed that on TV). Tara checks on Abel, who’s asleep in his bed, notes that nobody slept in the marital bed the night before, then sees the pillow on the couch right as she hears Rat reading the paper in the kitchen.

Unsurprisingly, Tara is fairly chilly toward Rat. She asks, "When I drop them off at day care, who do you watch then?" Rat tells her, "You. But no daycare… Jax doesn’t want them at St. Thomas anymore." In effect, Tara’s under house arrest. She either has to cart the boys everywhere under the club’s supervision or she has to leave them with Jax-sanctioned caregivers. This reminds of the treatment Jimmy O gave Fiona back in Season 3 -- how darkly funny that Jax can’t or won’t see the parallels.

Rat leaves Tara fuming, so much so that she cannot think of the bright side of this situation, which is that Filthy Phil is dead and therefore unable to eat her out of house and home. RIP, you mixing-bowl-full-of-cereal-eating schlump.

Meanwhile, Jax is meeting with Patterson, who is showing him the immunity agreement ("It covers everyone in or associated with the MC") and Tara’s deal -- no jail time, just fines and community service. Jax inspects the paperwork and Patterson assures him, "They’re both signed and approved. They don’t get executed until you deliver Galen O’Shay and the guns." Jax sighs, then gives a location and a time: An old maintenance warehouse on Kilmer Pier, and Galen will be there with the guns sometime between 11 AM and 1 PM. He warns that there will be approximately a dozen "cautious and very well armed" Irish guys, thus guaranteeing that a ton of law enforcement will at that site.

After Patterson takes off, Chibs asks, "Think that helped?" Jax sighs again and says, "I don’t know. At least I’ll know I tried." In the background, a train speeds by. It is in no way a metaphor for the events buffeting the club, I am sure.

Morning at Gemma’s and Nero’s pouring the coffee. Gemma comes bustling out with the breakfast tray she had brought to Wendy. Nero says, “All this stuff you’re doing for her now? Great. Great.” (I take it Gemma has not said, "Funny story! I’m responsible for one of her overdoses, when I suggested she kill herself and gave her a loaded needle. Good times…"). Gemma sips her coffee and Nero presses gently, "Mama? Wendy’s got to get herself into a rehab." Gemma defensively nods and says, "I’ll make the calls. We have a rough history, me and her. I was trying to help her more than hurt her. For a change." Nero smiles, because he loves it when Gemma pretends she’s got a conscience and is capable of repenting her past misdeeds. It fits nicely into his own need to believe that a person’s past sins can be forgiven by present and future reform.

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