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How I Pimped Your (Grand)Mother
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So, the last episode ended with Gemma's SUV flying off a mostly deserted, windy mountain road and tumbling into the ravine below. This one starts with a rescue crew telling Gemma to stay calm riiiiiiight as an unconscious Abel is rolled by on a gurney. That seems counterproductive. I am also wildly curious as to who called 911. Was it the trucker into whom she almost drove? I'm just saying: the EMTs coming so fast on an abandoned mountain road raises a lot of questions.

Meanwhile, at the scene of another accident ... Tig is helping Jax and Chibs load a big, dead body in the back of Tara's mom-mobile, because what else says, "Getting away from it all" like "Transporting the corpse of a man who tried to kill you?" As Tig helps heft the remains into the trunk space, we see Tara fuming in the passenger seat. Tig nervously asks Jax what he's going to say to Tara, and Jax replies, "I'm going to tell her there's a dead black guy in the back of her car." Cue Chibs rolling his eyes all, NOW is when Jax decides to play the honesty card with his old lady?

Oh, look! It turns out the best cure for arthritis is pure, scheming evil. I look forward to the New England Journal of Medicine reporting on this using their case study of "C.M., an aging biker." Anyway, after Clay parks at his bachelor pad and heads inside, he barks at Juice to leave, but Juice frets over someone going after Jax. Clay looks legitimately stunned, because nobody but him gets to try to kill his own bikers! Then Juice -- who is so stunned and terrified, his eyes have assumed manga-like proportions in his face -- breaks the news about Gemma's accident. Clay reels.

Up at the cabin, Tara is asking Jax how the would-be killers found him, and Jax is all, "Do I look like a necromancer? I can't communicate with the dead! Now baby, go relax and ignore the wet, squishy sounds as I take care of the corpse." Tara facepalms.

Segue to a sequence that is both mordantly funny -- there's be-bop playing on the radio! That automatically makes things funny! -- and deeply disturbing, because Jax coolly picks up an ax and chops off the hands. One goes to Unser for ID'ing via AFIS, the other goes to Pope. "Why Pope?" Tig asks. "Because if [Pope] hired [the dead guy], then he'll probably lie about who he is?" Jax mutters that he's tired of watching his back --

Which is right when Tara bolts behind him, saying, "We have to go!" One of the other bikers hastily throws the tarp over the body so she can't see it, which oddly gallant and/or shrewd (what she can't see, she can't testify about). Jax is all, "What happened?" and Tara hold up the phone and says only, "It's my babies." Oh, has she remembered that she might actually like Thomas? That's the real shock.

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