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After they're done, Cat asks them to stay, and brings Evan back out on stage, because it's time for more results. In third place after last night: Evan, which means that Nigel's prediction of Brandon and Jeanine in the top two was right. Or, if you prefer, he made it happen.

We watch an Evan montage. I enjoy watching the montage, because Evan looks most like me of any of the dancers I've seen thus far, although my stomach makes Evan's stomach looks like Brandon's stomach. I mean, it's not Chris Farley in his Chippendales audition, but... let's just move on. Evan thanks all his friends and family for their support and calls it an amazing journey, and says he never imagined he'd end up here. He says he'll remember best his new friends and working with the choreographers. Then he gets his big bouquet and looks like he's struggling not to cry a little bit.

After a commercial break, Cat asks Nigel for another favorite moment of his, and he says it was when Mary admitted to using Botox, and then she screeches at him about what a classy evening it was up until now, and he responds by asking if the jewelry she's wearing used to be a hand mirror that shattered when she screamed. And then talks about how moving Mia Michaels' routines are every season, and selects the addiction piece danced by Kayla and Kupono. Addiction is bad, mmmkay? I wonder if that was harder for Kayla after she was eliminated. If it was, it didn't show.

Then Cat introduces the Rage Boys Crew, saying these performers garnered the biggest response of any group they've ever had. I imagine that's largely due to the pint-size seven-year-old star of the routine, the one who gets tossed around like a doll. T.J. gets singled out for attention from Cat, because he's missing a tooth, lost when he tried a back handspring off a couch.

Cat then asks Tasty Oreo for his favorite routine, and Tyce picks a Doriana Sanchez disco routine and blathers on about how he danced to this song when he was twelve, and then Brandon and Janette come out to send Tyce on a nostalgic little trip back to his childhood.

Time for the final judges' pick, which is Mia's, and in no great shock, she introduces Tyce's breast-cancer piece, which she says opened people's eyes to what's really going on. I've said all I really want to say about how much it didn't do anything of the sort, so I'm not going to get into it again, but there is some good news, Mia tells us, and Tyce says the friend he choreographed this routine for found out today that she's cancer-free. So Melissa and Ade come out to shed even more light than was previously shed on breast cancer, and I think, thanks to this being the second time the routine was done, it might even be cured now. So that's a good job by them!

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