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Then Nigel talks about So You Think You Can Dance Australia, and introduces the winner, a ballet dancer Talia Fowler, doing a routine by Sonya. She dances a contemporary routine to that "Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down" song, which was confusingly not credited to Nancy Sinatra, which becomes clear once the beats kick in and the vocals get all skittery. I can't say a whole lot about the routine, which for the most part comes off like an extended solo by a contemporary dancer facing elimination, with the rolling around on the floor. There's some jerky movement that she actually didn't hit hard enough.

Lil' C picks the "Jai Ho" routine as his favorite, which he calls one of the most complicated and intricate Bollywood numbers they've ever had on this show. Yeah, out of ALL the Bollywood numbers this show has had, this was the most complicated. Caitlin and Jason come out to do the routine, which is great again. I liked Caitlin and was sorry to see her go.

And then Cat brings the top four out on stage, saying it's time for some results. She tells the dancers she's going to tell one of them that the journey is over. In fourth place: Kayla. She takes it like a pro, hugs the remaining three, and goes to stand with Cat, who introduces the montage of her best moments. Kayla's a sweet kid, and this is unfortunate, since I don't really recall much but effusive praise from the judges week in and week out.

Cat asks her what she remembers most, and Kayla says she'll remember working with the choreographers, especially Mia, who she says can really push you to achieve stuff you didn't know you were capable of. And then she says some vagueness about how she's going to miss everybody, and she gets an armful of flowers and then she's gone.

Then Adam picks another of his favorite routines, which is a Mia Michaels piece, which he feels showcases her fun side, rather than her dark side. Then he tells Mia that he's a butt man. Snicker. Nice one, Adam. How can you not like Shankman? Naturally, this brings out Evan and Randi for the butt dance. Poor bashful Randi! The camera work seems a little less butt-centric than I remember it.

Mary's turn to pick a routine that really stood out for her, and I guess you're free to pick what you want, but she picks a third Louis Van Amstel piece, and one that was danced just last night to boot: Jeanine and Brandon doing the Paso Matrix. Maybe Mary just can't remember any further back after a botched Botox numbed some of her brain.

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