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Debbie Allen picks a "romantic, magical" waltz down by Louis Van Amstel, danced by Asuka and Vitolio. She says she loved the elegance and grace of it, and it showed how much they'd developed, and then we watch it again. Oh yeah, this is the one where Enya warbles. Yes, it's very graceful. Asuka moves like liquid.

Cat has to shield her eyes from the glare off the curtain of diamonds that Mary is wearing, and Mary screams that her favorite dance was Travis Wall's piece with Jeanine and Jason, apparently because Jeanine and Jason made out at the end of it. Cat says "smoocheroonie" again. Yeah, focus on this kind of thing, and then chastise the voters when they pick dancers based on which ones they like instead of the more technically proficient dancers, right?

Cat then pimps the SYTYCD tour, and then asks Mia what her favorite routine is. Mia says it was a "smokin' hot samba" by Louis Van Amstel danced by Max and Kayla. She says it was fantabulous. I can only assume, based on Mia's choice, that the judges were told they couldn't pick their own routines. Anyway, the dance actually seems less "smokin' hot" than it did the first time around, to me, anyway.

Then Cat talks about how tense and demanding the final week has been on the top four, so the dancers were treated to a night on the town, starting with a limo ride to the MGM tower, where they are greeted by Kherington from last season, who informs them that they're going to be the first to see her movie, which is the remake of Fame, and then we get basically a commercial for the movie, and the most lasting impression I have of it is that Kelsey Grammer is in it. Afterwards, Cat tells that Debbie Allen is in it as well, and then Debbie gets a chance to extend the attention to the Fame 2.0 sequel, which is apparently not about making money, but about bringing culture to kids, or something like that, and then she quotes the iconic "right here is where you start paying, in sweat," and then we can all pretend that this will be a remake that won't have everyone thinking the original was better.

And then Debbie gets to "pick" (well, announce, anyway) another favorite routine, which was a group number done by Dmitry and Taboleon, the Calle Ocho routine, which as you'll recall featured the dancers lounging around pre-orgy, and then it's one of the annoyingly shot routines that feature a lot of quick cuts such that it's hard in places to actually see any actual, you know, dancing. [I dunno, I liked all the water splashing around and the hair flinging making it look like a trashy music video. -- AC]

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So You Think You Can Dance




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